Should rated M (mature) games be legally allowed for 16-year-old teens? As of now, rated M games are only legally sold to 17-year-old teens.

  • Rated M games should lower their minimum age from 17 to 16

    This society is constantly changing, and so have newer generations' point of view. Children are constantly exposed to age-innapropriate content, and therefore, I believe rating should be slightly lowered. For instance, rated R movies should be lowered from 17 to 16 because its not really what a 16 year old teen haven't seen. Thus, the gaming rating should change.

  • I've always had an issue with the seventeen/eighteen rating.

    I remember back when I was sixteen and I wanted to rent a mature game. Being just one year younger than the required age, they actually told me I had to either be seventeen or bring a parent or guardian if I wanted to rent a game. Seriously? A parent or guardian? Looking back at this I don't just find this ridiculous and arbitrary, but absolutely ludicrous. So you mean to tell me that by thirteen it's all right to shoot digital people, that it may even be all right to own an actual gun, and that by sixteen it's all right to DRIVE A CAR ON THE ROAD, and that by seventeen it's all right to have the military advertise a lively-hood that includes killing people, but by seventeen that it's wrong to shoot digital people if they just so happen to bleed or show a pair of tits?

    I am never going to understand the logic of some people and how they seem to be more worried about imaginary acts we commit than real ones that actually hold weight, demand responsibility, and have consequences. The mature rating, not just for video games but for all mediums, simply doesn't make any sense. If someone isn't sensible enough to know the difference between reality and fiction by the time that they're sixteen then the honest truth is that they're probably never going to be ready. And furthermore, these people definitely shouldn't be allowed to drive cars, or ever be enlisted in the military either. Heck, I might even go a step further and say that fifteen is the right age.

    I believe that we need ratings like Everyone, E10+, and Teen, but Mature? No, mature is just excessive.

  • At sixteen, I am developed enough to drive a motor vehicle, yet I'm too stupid to play Call of Duty?

    Other than junk from the Bible, there is no evidence that games can "pervert a young mind." Sure, there is Colombine, Sandy Hook, etc., but most of these criminals also had some long-term psychological disorder that made them behave that way.

    Enough with the age restrictions on harmless media. Everyone is different. By blindly saying that all 16-year-olds are too "stupid" to understand CoD, it is a slap in the face to those who ARE capable, yet it forgets about all the adults with mental disorders. Games shouldn't be rated on age; they should be rated on content. Ever heard of the First Amendment?

    Of course parents should advise children, but the gov't shouldn't be playing parent.

    By the way, parents in the past have had similar worries about "rebellious" games at the time. Look up "Pinball Ban for Minors" on Google. At one time, Pinball was considered rebellious and bad for youth. All the "bad" kids played it. Now Pinball is just a fun game to play.

  • 16-year-olds should be allowed to buy M-rated games by themselves

    At 16, you're allowed to drive a car, get a job, and even have the ability to consent to sex in most places, so I really don't see why they shouldn't be trusted to buy their own M-rated games. In fact, driving can be very dangerous, especially for younger drivers. You can actually die driving, but you can't die playing Call of Duty, and the same applies to R-rated movies. Not only that, but I'm pretty sure a 16-year-old can distinguish fiction from reality, so for sure they wont go around shooting people or something like that. I'm 16 and these games have absolutely no effect on me. I've always wondered why the age of 17 is so significant when it comes to M-rated games and R-rated movies anyway because nothing really happens at 17. Hell 18, would have been a more reasonable age for both of these since you're considered a legal adult at that age, but I still think 16 is better. I understand that it's a good thing to keep games like this away from younger children, but doing that to someone who's old enough to drive and make their own money is just ridiculous.

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  • They're just games a one year difference isn't gonna do anything

    I'm 13 and all the games I own are rated M. I've been gaming since I was 6 and I've never cared about the rating, it's fucking stupid that "legally" you have to be 17. What the fuck do you mean "legal"? It's not a drug or alcohol. It's just a fucking game, chill out, gamestop

  • Most Kids Play Rated M Games Young, like me I was 8

    Most Kids today play rated m games very young. The cycle won't stop. Most kids my generation have Sex at 12 so there's not much damage we are causing by going to 16. I'm 16 and 8 years ago played my first rated M game. We've all seen nudity and guts and gore so why does it matter. I literally have to have my parents waste their time coming up here to get it for me. Such a waste.

  • Yes they should

    Most of us just play whatever game is famous for example most of us play call of duty games which are M for mature but we come across kids on it . There are parents that get there 12 year old a call of duty game. They don't notice that the game is for mature kids

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  • Teens are already used to seeing violence in the world with movies and terrorists. Their is no difference here. They are fine.

    Teens are always wanting to do what their friends do. If a teen wants to play a mature game I think it's fine. In Ireland there are no ratings on games, so I feel like if thousands for teens in Ireland play them and nothing happens. Why shouldn't teens in the U.S.

  • Psychology 101: Teenagers aren't capable of predicting the consequences for their actions adequately.

    [quote]At a day-to-day level, adolescents encounter increasing demands on their attention. For starters, entering middle school or high school means a lot more to keep track of. Instead of being with one teacher in one classroom all day, students move among a half-dozen different classrooms, with a homeroom somewhere else and a locker at yet another place. And, typically today, it quickly becomes necessary to juggle various homework assignments and projects and to balance them against sports or after-school activities, paid or volunteer work, and an ever more complicated social life.

    Fortunately, a brain development that begins in the midteens, just in time to help with such difficulties, is the maturing of the anterior cingulate gyrus, a ridge in the middle of the frontal lobes that controls our ability to maintain attention, or to shift attention from one object to another. A young person may gradually notice an ability to focus thoughts more sharply than before or keep his or her mind on topics for longer periods.

    If young teenagers sometimes appear to be thrown off course by their hearts and their hormones, they have good reason. Because puberty is usually well under way, urging young people toward romantic and sexual relationships several years before the brain developments of adolescence begin to take root, people at this age lack the moderating influence of the frontal lobes that they will later come to rely on. With little impulse control, critical judgment, or a steady self-image, it is no wonder that young loves or young flings seem to blossom so suddenly and fade so quickly.

    Parents may see a youngster’s physical and emotional changes outstripping mental development, which runs on a timeline more closely linked to age or experience. Young people going through puberty early may spend years moving about in the adolescent world with a sexually mature body and hormonally activated brain, but still lacking the mental skills to meet adult-level challenges such as defusing anger and hostility (in themselves or in others), foreseeing the consequences of their actions, or delaying immediate gratification for the sake of a long-term goal. [/quote]


    As far as the government being your parent.. They're not. They simply don't allow you [the teen] to have the authority to buy an adult rated game [ 18+]. This being said, you would then have to ask your parent/guardian for permission to get the game [ this gives the parent/guardian authority over their kid]. Furthermore, there are plenty of studies that even prove these rated M games tend to be harmful to the human mind. Yes, the human mind in general. This means these games cause psychological dysfunction even in adults. Lastly, most of these games don't even benefit anyone most of the time. All the way from rated G games to rated M. Why? There isn't any critical thinking or beneficial cognitive activities involved in these games.

    If anything, these games only suppress and stimulate psychological behaviors within the human brain.

  • Teens can't grasp the consequences of doing such actions

    It would be disastrous to allow anyone under the age to partake in games that partake in sex (in some cases extreme porn-level goodies [lol], as we seen in AO-rated games), have strong language, and in some cases glorify crime. Now if this question had been should anyone under 17 be admitted to an R-rated movie, I would say, "Yes if they have a parent or guardian with them," but in this case no.

  • You cant lower the age.

    I know how it seems. You go into the store, and you're sitting there looking at a Rated M game, and saying, "GODDAMMIT IM ONLY ONE YEAR/LESS THAN A YEAR AWAY FROM THE LIMIT". Well, what's to say that, when we change it to a 16 yo minimum, now the 15 yo children will be saying the same thing, that it's not fair. Then what? Lower the age limit again?
    Continuing, I think games have an effect on young minds. This is a fact. BUT its not a fact that ALL children are affected. Only some are, just like only some people don't like the taste of olives or PTC Gene (http://learn.Genetics.Utah.Edu/content/begin/traits/ptc/). Because of the fact that there is a small percentage of the children who shouldn't be allowed to play the games, instead of promoting some people to decided WHO can and cannot buy, its easier to just limit everyone.
    If your parents feel you're fine with playing the game then obviously there's no law against that. There are millions of ways of getting the games you "think you need to play". Lowering the limit is not going to fix a BIG problem, its just a "go ahead" for a select few who want to buy games behind their parent's back. I know this because that is exactly what I did. But I always respected the ratings.

  • They Shouldn't Allow It

    M rated games are M rated for a reason. Also my class is talking about M rated games being a reason for people to want to shoot other people for no reason. I personally think that M rated games support killing people and rewarding people for killing them also. That is reason.

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  • M (Mature) games should be 18 and over

    Mature = adult = 18

    Minors are not mature meaning minors are not responsible for their actions the law sees that if your minor you are under your parents and the parents are responsible. So for all the parents out there do you want your kids to be exposed to the profanity, sex offenders, serial killers, rapist and all the nasty things happening online?? The parents that are buying mature games should be put in jail or fined for exposing minors to filth.

  • Leave it the way it is

    It is only one year away. Plus they can still buy games if they have an adult with them. If they want to go buy a game by themselves then they will just have to wait till they are 17. Parents are going to buy games for them anyway. If the parents won't buy it for them, then they will just have to wait.

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