• It's as safe as it will ever be straight out of the cow.

    There is no risk to milk when it's taken directly form the cow. The only danger is when it has sat for a while (as with opened, pasteurized milk). Simply be careful in the treatment of it, and give it a short shelf-life and all will be well. Raw cows milk is far healthier (partially due to good bacteria) and more flavorful. The FDA has their nose in way to much stupid crap, and this is part of it. Humans have common sense and can judge for themselves. Sometimes I wish the FDA didn't exist.

  • Sure. It's a natural product.

    Why is it even illegal? Raw milk comes from a cow. You milk the cow, you drink the milk. I fail to see the problem and why it would be against the law to sell it is beyond me. When you pasteurize something, you heat it to the degree that it kills all of the enzymes and heat sensitive vitamins. We are drinking boiled milk. What's nutritious about that?

  • Many Health Benefits

    I support the legalization of raw milk. Right now, raw milk is looked at in law in almost the same way as a drug. Raw milk can have a lot of good health benefits that any contamination risk outweighs. There are a lot of areas where government tries to legislate intelligence and good judgement. The type of people who are seeking out raw milk to purchase are going to go the extra mile to find out if they are getting it from a reputable source. Farmers are going to go to good lengths to make sure their product is safe, because their business would suffer greatly from making people sick.

  • It should be Legalised, but with Warnings

    Raw, Organic milk is already legal in the UK and is incredibly nice to drink, but it is not outwardly recommended and people are told about the Dangers of Tuberculosis. The selling of unpasteurised milk is very positive for many UK farms as an alternative way of gaining profit as, with the impact of Mad Cow disease in the UK in the 1980's, many farms that had specialised in beef products were forced to shut down. It is argued that, had they been allowed to sell unpasteurised milk at the time, they may have been able to survive. With current issues facing farmers in the UK, unpasteurised (or raw) milk is very, very useful for keeping farms up and running.

  • No raw milk!

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  • No raw milk!

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  • Raw Milk Should Stay Illegal

    Raw milk should not be legalized. Raw milk contains many germs which are harmful to humans. Through the process of pasteurization, these harmful germs and bacteria are killed off. This makes the processed milk safer for people to drink. Thus, for the safety of all, raw milk should not be legalized.

  • Raw milk should not be legalized

    Milk is pasteurized to keep people safe. Raw milk contains a lot of bacteria, and can make people sick if they consume it. The FDA and CDC say that there are pathogens of typhoid, tuberculosis, and other serious illnesses in the milk. This could be potentially very dangerous for our nation. It's important that we stick to pasteurized milk, or even drink alternatives like soy or almond milk. Those will remain safe choices.

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