• Yes, I think it would be a good fit

    I think after being the commissioner for 12 years its time to take the next step. I don't think he is going to have the job though, he says he is perfectly happy where he is. I think there are other candidates that have more job skills than he does,but I'm not making the choice.

  • He is experienced.

    Yes, Ray Kelly should be Secretary of Homeland Security, because he has a great deal of experience that makes him qualified for the job. Ray Kelly has enough experience because of his time as the New York City Police Commissioner. He has taken New York through trying times, and he can use that experience to help the United States.

  • Yes, Ray Kelly should be Secretary of Homeland Security.

    I think that Ray Kelly is a good individual who has a respectable resume. I also think that his professional reputation as the commissioner of the New York Police Department would make him a popular choice to be the Secretary of Homeland Security. He is somebody that would do a good job for the role.

  • No, Kelly should not be be Secretary of Homeland Security because someone else has been confirmed.

    The position of Secretary of Homeland Security has already been filled in December 2013 by Jeh Johnson. However, Ray Kelly would have been a good choice. He has an outstanding record of making New York safe. Kelly has been criticized for New York's sometimes aggressive policing policies, but one can't deny the positive results on safety in the city.

  • That's the last thing this nation needs.

    I really do not think that I would support Ray Kelly to be the next Secretary of Homeland Security. The man was a lead commissioner of the New York Police Department for decades, one of the most corrupt police departments in the world. We don't need an old white thug like that being given more power.

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