Should Ray LaHood step down as U.S. transportation secretary?

  • Yes, he held the job for 4 years.

    Usually, in a cabinet position, four years is enough time to make a mark and implement some new programs. It is now time for another person, perhaps someone more progressive and concerned about climate change and transit, to take over and lead us to a better infrastructure with more sustainable planning and development.

  • If he can do it let him

    No one's upset. He hasn't said or done anything to draw national attention. If hes capable and still willing to support the president let him do his job as long as he likes. Cabinet positions are up to the president, stop second guessing him. You had your chance in November, after that shut up and back him up as long as he stays within the constitution regardless who you voted for.

  • No He Should Not

    Ray LaHood is one of the most consumer-friendly leaders of the US Transportation Department that this country has ever seen. He had continually advocated for consumer and has been corporations in check. It would be a huge loss for this country for him to step down from his position. I say that he should stay!

  • No, he should have stayed longer

    It's unfortunate that Ray LaHood stepped down. His work making the roads much safer through his programs has made and will make a strong change in America. He helped many states run bans on texting and driving at the same time. That alone was able and will continue to save thousands of lives. I believe his love of the job was evident by the fact that he visited every state in the US during his term. Obviously, it was a personal decision, but an unfortunate one at that.

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