• Ray Lewis Should Be in Jail

    At the club, even if he didnt stab the person, he was still with the gang. Lets say he did stab the person, he still had blood on his jacket and refused to talk to the police. If he was innocent, why not tell the police. Also, he lied to the police and said he knew nothing about it. I believe that he should be in jail.

  • Probably should be

    If we are to value our legal system in any way we must acknowledge that murder charges were dropped on Ray and as far as the law is concerned he is not guilty. That said, it was a pretty stunning upset when the deal to get him off the hook was offered, there are a LOT of things that indicate he did it and he should probably be serving time. That's all it is though, a bunch of probablys.

  • Yes, He was Involved in a Murder

    Ray Lewis should be in prison. He was very clearly involved in the murder of two people at a party. He was fighting with two people and they ended up dead from stab wounds. He should have been charged with murder or grievous assault. It is a shame he was able to escape justice.

  • He Shouldn't Be Locked Up

    Ray Lewis should not be in prison. He went to court for the charges he was accused of and they decided he was not guilty. That is enough reason to validate why he should not be locked u right now. Lewis was innocent and did not deserve to be charged.

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