• Yes, Get Him Outta There

    Ray Lewis is not a person we should be proud to have in our national media. He obviously has personal problems with violence and cheating, and he should be encouraged to leave. As long as he is playing, children will continue to look up to him, and he isn't really the best role model out there.

  • Yes he should retire

    Ray Lewis has played football for quite a long time. His play has been motivational towards his teammates and his leadership has helped push his team. He is at an age, though, where his play is having diminishing results in terms of defense. Not to mention that he he has been injured many of the past few seasons. Either way, if he retires now he is going out on top.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • No

    That is Ray Lewis' personal preference. I don't think that we as individuals should make decisions like that for others. We don't know his personal, financial, or physical health position. Whatever he decides should come from him and his family or those that he care about and that care about him.

  • He Should Continue Playing

    I think that Ray Lewis should not retire. He is still playing at a high level and is the heart and soul of the Baltimore Ravens' defense. He is still a very good linebacker and has shown he can still play at a high level. He's been playing great since he got back from his injury.

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