Should reading public opinion polling about Senate business drive the priorities of Congressional leaders?

  • Yes, it should but it does not.

    Congress should really care what the people think and how they feel about the lack of progress and organization of priorities in Washington. They should consider the thoughts and opinions of others because they get their power from the people, but they do not care. They are consumed by how much money they make.

  • Yes, I think it should.

    The only reason I said this is because, at this point, a politicians only interests are his own special interests and keeping that cushy Senate job. Who would want to lose that money and power. But I do wish that public polling mattered more to these outlandish and careless politicians.

  • They need to hear from us.

    To an extent, yes, public opinion polling should drive Congressional priorities. In case some people have forgotten, Congress is supposed to be a representative body. They're supposed to be listening to what we're saying we want. I think that opinion polling from credible sources can help our elected leaders to figure out how to lead.

  • No, public opinion polling should not drive priorities of Congressional leaders

    Public opinions polls can sometimes be limited in the information that is being asked. Often times, opinion polls are limited to certain demographics, specific geographies, and specific topics. Leaders should consider the letters, calls, and concerns that come directly from their constituents rather than a public poll. It is not always the case that what is good for California is good for Alabama.

  • No, I don't think reading public opinion polling about Senate business should drive the priorities of Congressional leaders.

    I believe that the House and the Senate both need to have a mind of their own, just because the public polling may lean one way on the Senate business does not mean that Congressional leaders need to fit their agenda and bills around that, they need to pay less attention to polling and more action on leading the country.

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