Should 'Real Housewife' Teresa Giudice be granted early release from prison?

  • Early release : YES

    Most inmates get early release for good behavior ! She should get the same previlige too. She has 4 kids waiting in heft to come home!
    Much worse criminals than her, which she isn't a bad criminal, she isn't a murder, rapist, or molester.... She's been a model prisoner !
    She deserves an early release too !

  • Preferential Treatment - Why?

    There are always consequences for making good and bad decisions. When you make a wrong one, you need to pay the consequence of your decision. She should be no different than the average person. Also, if she gets special treatment will her husband also get it when he enters the prison system for his stint.

  • Make an Example.

    No, Real Housewife Teresa Giudice should not be granted early release from prison, because she needs to be an example for the people that watch that show. Bad behavior has become way too glorified in our society, and people need to see that those who break the law will suffer serious consequences. She should sit her time.

  • Early Release For What Reason?

    The corrections system in the United States has parameters in place for early release for convicted criminals. There shouldn't be any issue for Teresa Giudice being released early if the conditions are met in a similar fashion as other prisoners. She should not be released early because of her 'celebrity' status.

  • Why should TV "stars" get special treatment?

    This country was founded on principles of equal treatment under the law. On what grounds should someone who appeared on a TV show – and one of dubious social value, to say the least – be granted any type of unusual privilege? She was convicted of conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud. She should serve her time jail like anyone else would.

  • No, Teresa Giudice should not be granted early release in prison.

    Fraud is a serious crime just like any other crime and the rule of law should apply to all people equally regardless of their status. Considering also the fact that her children will be well taken care of by her husband, there is no reason why she should be given an early release from prison.

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