• Yes i do

    Yes a remarkale win. Is pretty for a team who played in 15 field players
    (4 refs on barca side). And even than couldn't win so they decided 15
    vs 11 is not quite enough for Barcelona to actually win. LET's make it
    15 vs 10 so the odds are a bit closer to being even.

  • Because dani alves messed up

    Messi and neymar because they are the best player in the word suarez is a monster in tjhe field but his arte increadanbles
    bbbbbbbbbbbbbb b bb b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b a aaaa rrrrrr cccc eee llll oooo nnn aaa

  • Both Teams Deserve To Tie

    Real Madrid is blessed to have many wonderful football players, and luck was on their side during this event. Barcelona played well, but the team was not up to par. Real Madrid did its fan justice in winning against Barcelona, and this match will long be remembered for its talents.

  • Real Madrid should not have won against Barcelona.

    Real Madrid should not have won against Barcelona. Barcelona have won an amazing match at the Bernabeu tonight. They started positively, confidently, keeping possession and crafting a beautiful opening goal for Anders Iniesta. I think that they gave it all that they could but they could just not beat Barcelona.

  • Barcelona is a team.

    No, Real Madrid should not have won against Barcelona, because Barcelona has more cohesiveness as a team. Real Madrid has a large number of stars, and that is great for them. But until Madrid learns how to play as a team like Barcelona does, they will have a hard time defeating them. Barcelona puts it all together.

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