• Yes!!!!!It should be banned

    It should be banned because, if we get to into watching wrestling it will make people think its good to fight and start hurting people. A lot of people know its fun to watch, but its bad for fighters and the fighters could brake there bones and go to hospitals ALL the time. Also most of the fighters have scheduled about 141 fights and about 26 or more are canceled from injuries. And also who would want to have scars bruises and more after each and every fight?

  • It's too violent & too dangerous.

    We think that too many people get hurt wrestling. People who are not 'professionals' get hurt when they are in the ring. It's VERY violent & people get dangerously hurt, so that is one of the reasons we think it should be banned. We hope you use this advice for the future.😡

  • No it should not be ban

    I am I pro wrestler and it should not it a active sport why should we ban it it’s the kids choice to do it I Remember when I was a kid i was gonning to quite but my team help me to becom a pro wrestler if been to state many times

  • Real Wrestling Should Not be Banned

    No, amateur wrestling, sometimes called "real wrestling" to distinguish it from televisid pre-scripted "professional" wrestling, should not be banned as it is a sport that dates back to the ancient Greeks. In addition, it is one of the safest contact sports around, so I see no reason that it should be banned.

  • Real wrestling should not be banned.

    Real wrestling should not be banned, and this is because people should have the right to practice this activity if they choose to do so. There are ways to regulate the safety of real wrestling, but real wrestling should not be banned for two consenting adults because that would be a violation of freedom.

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