• There is no need for reality TV.

    What does it actually teach you? People become addicted to it very often. If it's called reality TV, then why isn't it about average people's lives? Excessive partying is not "reality." Ordinary people do other ordinary things in real life, so failure to include them does not count as reality.


    These shows are all pointless. All they show is how spoiled rich people get drunk, party, and fight with each other and other innocent people they come in contact with. I also believe that the people on these shows need to grow up and get a job and to stop relying on their families money to help support their awful and destructive lifestyles.

  • It exposes too much

    The fact that it is a reality tv show, the people involved in them do not hesitate to do what they want to. Somehow, some their actions go beyond their limits. More often than not, producers make the actors do whatever satisfies the society. This is not a great idea for producers running around shows that may endanger them, the people in the show and also their impact to the society.

  • It should not be banned

    Reality TV is part of our culture it is our entertainment.Even though it is not scripted it our entertainment and is a part of our life style now. People think its stupid and its a waste of time but, if you dont like watching it then dont watch it. You dont have to be forced to watch it so just turn off your tv.

  • Why would you want it

    Reality TV should be banned because all it is a useless way for people to lose brain cells. It is a dumb part of television so people can base their sorry lives on this abomination the call talent. This type of TV benefits no one and it is all staged according to my uncle who is a producer for reality TV.

  • It encourages children to bully

    I believe that reality television is teaching kids to bully one another. Let's face it, kids do learn about life from the media, and if the media models social bullying behavior as exciting and fun, kids will believe that it is. We cancelled cable. It is just disgusting to watch.

  • Reality shows should be banned

    It should be banned because children watch reality show. They can learn bad words. Children learn things very easy, especially bad things. Children might learn that they don't need to work and just play but still have money. Reality shows only shows drunk rich people. It is going to influence children in a bad way.

  • It should be banned

    These tv reality shows kills the time and its worthless people addict to it and didnt care about what is happenning so many people are duiscussing about this daily its really useless which makes no sense at all .I think all should support for this to be banned in the society.

  • Yes yes yes.

    Get my tv out of other people's fake lives. I want real news, I want to see informative/educational/honest programing. Funny sitcoms. Well made dramas. Making people famous just for being famous is ridiculous. Reality TV does not reflect real lives. Creating a generation of bratty kids who think they don't need jobs or morality to be successful.

  • Good Dramatic Stories Cancelled for Mind-numbing Idiocy

    Over the years, I have been delighted by excellent story-telling via television. The tv is our campfire. We learn from these stories as much as we are entertained by them. Some stories are told badly and some are told by masters of the art. We, as the audience, can choose to listen to the story or change the channel. But what if we stopped listening to the stories and became voyeurs? What if this new voyeurism became the new norm on TV? Reality shows are cheaper to produce and people gain pleasure from voyeurism. The logical conclusion is that storytelling will become lost art much like the oral tradition of past generations. We may be entertained but we fail to learn.

  • It is culture fegue

    Yes because fugue will be on them This will be very good for kids an its a potential part of our culture feegu was the king of the incas this was a statement i saw in a reality show this is culture and we need of this reality shows as fegue.

  • I think not!

    I think that reality tv shoukd not be banned because for some people, reality tv is their life. For example, if that guy hadnt won on survivor, his family woiuld still be poor. Also, shows like All-Star Celeberity Apprentice helps charity a bunch, which is good. So, again, I THINK NOT!

  • Reality TV should not be banned.

    I dont think reality tv should banned because there are shows like The Apprentice where if you win, you can get a job, and you can also get money for your family if you are in finacial trouble. So, as far as my thoughts go, reality tv should not be banned, not now, not ever, because it can help some people a lot.

  • the people choose.

    The people in the tv show decide if their "everyday" actions are broadcasted to the county or not. Since it's pretty much their choice, it doesn't make sense to ban people for doing stupid things that they probably wouldn't do in real life. I don't really like reality tv, but I don't see any reason to ban it completely either.

  • It's economically successful.

    Reality television makes money, and in a materialistic consumer society, they won't cancel a show that makes money. That's just not how the world works. The best example are adverts, that admittedly most people (including me) don't like, because they interrupt the show I'm watching, but they also wouldn't show them if they weren't effectively showing their product

  • Reality TV Distasteful, But Commercially Successful

    Americans have the right to be dumbed down. Reality TV is here to stay, even with absurd shows featuring Honey Boo Boo. Yes, reality television is bad. Yet somehow, Americans are drawn to shows about real people succeeding and failing. As long as shows are commercially viable and ratings successes, reality TV isn't going away. It's part of the "bread and circuses" of America.

  • Let freedom ring

    No it should not. Many people out there love these reality T.V. shows. While I do not agree with alot of them, I feel that they do have a right to make these shows. And people have the right to either watch or not. Thats the good thing about a free society.

  • No.

    Even though, I do not like reality television one bit, there are people out there who do. This opens up a market opportunity for those who want to capitalize on it. Banning it for no reason will deprive the consumers as well as the producers of that opportunity which is not fair. Since it does not affect society as a whole and does not result in any sort of damage to communities, there is no reason to ban it. And even if something illicit or unethical took place, banning all reality TV is not justified.

  • Reality not must be banned

    Becouse the reality show is our tv programer that show about some body live. May that make we know about how the live in street ? Or how the tv program make us to be a not need a sinetron program. To make us know how live is so need to pry ?

  • Realiy tv shouldn't be ban

    Reality tv show gives poor a opportunity in which case its positive now hy always go back to the "rich spoilt brats" why not see the main side that they help a lot if you are poor and u have a talent in something i don't see the case why its not helpful u can put up a addition and u may get publicity and get money which helps in getting a good job and you will have a life...

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