• Yes, I think recall elections should be utilized more often.

    I think if a politician runs a campaign on one set of ideas then goes to Washington and votes completely opposite of that those who supported him should be angry enough to get that politician recalled, but all too often these is not enough motivation or effort in starting the process so it rarely happens.

  • Politicians do terrible things.

    Yes, recall elections should be utilized more often, because there are so many politicians who do terrible things in office and then just get away with it because the people are not mobilized enough to do a recall election. If politicians who really depend on their inflated salaries would get kicked out of office, they would be more likely to think twice.

  • Yes, they should.

    A recall election should be utilized whenever the citizens are, after extensive polling, unhappy with their current representative. What I mean is that if over 50% are now unhappy with the job their politician is doing, there should be a recall election. It would be better overall for our democracy.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe recall elections should be utilized more often. People make the effort to vote and they should trust that their first vote is valid. Recall elections should only be called when there are serious problems with the ballots or voting results. Recall elections should not become the norm.

  • No, recall elections should only be used in extreme cases.

    No, recall elections should not be used more often. Recalls should only be used in extreme cases, such as when a politician commits fraud or an action that is outside of his or her job responsibilities. If a politician is not acting in the best interest of the people a recall may be warranted, but they should not be used just because voters are mad that they aren't getting what they want.

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