Should recapitulation theory have a significant theory on art criticism today?

  • Everyone One Can Be A Critic

    No matter what people's beliefs are, they should be able to offer their opinion of any kind of art. Even if it is bias because of what they believe. Are all our opinions are biased to what we believe. The difference is some people;s beliefs are based on facts and others are based on faith. Doesn't mean they can't have an opinion though.

  • The context given by recapitulation theory should inform art criticism

    Recapitulation theory started as a biological theory. Although now largely discredited, the theory that in developing from embryo to adult, animals go through stages resembling or representing successive stages in the evolution of their remote ancestors, the theory now informs art criticism. For example, if one looks at how music has "evolved" through history. Additionally, a single piece of music may evolve, taking on different meanings throughout history depending on how it was used. Although the "absolute" meaning of music may be a valuable criticism, it is also valid to use recapitulation theory when criticizing art.

  • Yes, recapitulation theory is important to art criticism.

    Recapitulation theory is significant to modern art criticism because of its utilization in applying perspectives and ideologies to the historical views of art and music. It allows critics to frame art and music in a historical perspective, and it allows critics to explain the historical evolution of the art being studied.

  • Not at all

    No, i do not think that this theory has a large significance on the art criticism today. I think that people who criticise art today just look at it, see what it means, and see if the artist who did it did a good quality job or not, they dont overthink it.

  • Recapitulation Theory on Art

    I personally think that the recapitulation theory is not a significant theory on art criticism because it is theory that has affected the artwork in the past. I personally think that the recapitulation theory is not a significant theory on theory but it has affected most artists as well as their artwork.

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