Should recipients of taxpayer-funded entitlements be required to send their children to state-approved daycare facilities?

  • Taxpayer funded entitlements should ensure state-approved daycare

    Yes, if by entitlements you mean entitlements for daycare, then the children should be state-approved daycare facilities. State approved means they are inspected periodically for cleanliness and safety and they are well supervised. I believe it's best if the state pays the daycare provider directly, rather than send money to the parent, who then has to forward it to the daycare provider.

  • Government funds for daycare should be monitored

    When parents sent children to state approved facilities, there is a level of accountability for where the funds are going and the care for the children. As taxpayer's are essentially funding this service, there needs to be yearly reviews of the facilities to ensure the money is spent exactly as allocated. Private facilities would have a level of discretion as to what they disclose and wouldn't give an accurate accounting of funds or care of children.

  • Taxpayer funded entitlement recipients should be required to send their children to state daycares

    it is my opinion that the recipients of taxpayer funded entitlements should be required by the state to send their children to state approved day care facilities. I feel that the money they receive for their children should be put to use by sending their children to a facility that is approved by the state in terms of its legitimacy.

  • Yes, I think that recipients of government help should send their kids to state-approved daycare.

    I think that recipients of taxpayer-funded entitlement should be required to send their children to state-approved daycare facilities. I think that it is only fair that if somebody is going to get money from the government, then they shoud have to follow some guidelines especially when it deals with their kids.

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