Should reclaimed water be reused in households (including sewage water)?

  • Water should undoubtedly be reused, especially during this point in time.

    In about three years scientist predict that the world will go through a major water shortage, unless stopped. Many places have started recycling dirty water that we've already used, for example toilet water. Now, I know it sounds gross, but for instance Texas reuses water in this manner. People who have tried it don't even seem to notice the difference. Every country should start doing this so we have a better chance of surviving in the future.

  • It is the circle of water.

    Water treatment centers have been recycling our sewage water back into the drinking water sources for a long time, as have septic systems of all different types. All water in the household is reclaimed, re-used, and then re-deposited back into the sewage system to start over again. Cities in which the population consumes more water than the supplies can deliver need do not have the time and resources to send the water back into the ground to let Mother Nature filter it for them so they have learned to speed up the process.

  • Yes, it should.

    If reclaimed water is clean and filtered through properly in a safe way than it should be reused in households. Saving the environment and making our resources last is a very important thing, and anything we can do to help maintain the integrity of the earth should be done. In the long run it will be a good thing.

  • No it is bad

    If we drink that water, there can be drugs and bad waste left in the water. Even blood, or dead fish. What if someone was allergic to fish and they drank the water and it wasn't as filtered enough to drink for a person like that? That would be a very severe case. In my opinion, we should not drink reclaimed potable water

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