• Absolutely! Physical Media Forever!

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the perks of having a streaming media player, as well as a personal mp3 player, but there's something that just feels real about having a cd, dvd, vhs cassette, vinyl record album, or book. No matter whether your player dies, or your eyes get bad and you have to get spectacles (or stronger ones), you still have the physical copy and all of it's artwork or lyrics jacket, etc. I've been frustrated by the fact that some of the modern television series are available to purchase digitally, but not physically. I would really be upset the day that I could not purchase a physical copy of the music that I'm willing to shell out bucks for.

  • Keep physical media alive, don't kill a good thing.

    As convenient as it is to have technology today that can condense all of our music, education, and reading materials into one square tablet, we should still keep physical media alive today. Kindles can run out of batteries, the screen can crack, the sound can wear out, and it is much more expensive to replace, however it is less expensive to replace a book. A book can not die, a book will not crack on you, unless you physically try to rip the pages, a record will not refuse to download in the player. You can always rely on being able to pick up a book and read it, you can not rely on picking up a kindle and hoping you fully charged it so that it will turn on.

  • Digital media is not reliable

    Yes, I believe that record shops and physical media should be kept alive. We all know that viruses, crashes, and computer breakdown is always just a click away. It is always good to have some type of copy of information just in case. Physical records should be kept only to a certain age of the record, but they should be kept no the less.

  • Yes record shops and physical media should be kept alive.

    I do agree that record shops and physical media should be kept alive. People still enjoy listening to, and having CD's. I believe we are still in that "phase." People are also still collecting records. So long as there is still a demand for records, and physical media, it doesn't make much sense to shut them down.

  • No, I don't think that record shops and physical media should be kept alive.

    Record shops and most forms of physical media are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, I don't think there is anywhere near the customer base for a record shop to be sustainable anymore, it's much cheaper to close down the physical store and open a website online that sells physical media and records to those still looking to purchase it.

  • Not at all

    No, now a days it is a whole lot easier to just go on the web and find any song that you want, or album, and download it. There does not need to be any record shops any more, since they are all out of date in this day and age.

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