• Yes, it is nothing but healthy.

    It's understandable how some may think it should not be legal, because some people are afraid of altering your mind and the short term memory loss while using it. But it is very good for you too! Marijuana can help with pain and thats what it is mainly being used for now, it also has been said to cure sicknesses like the cold and possibly the flu, and it's been proven to prevent cancer! The only health risk from it would be the itty bit of natural tar. It's non addictive.

    The government now though is making a killing off of illegal marijuana and their busts. They could legalize it and tax it such as cigarettes and still get their moneys worth.

    The government's vote is debating between legalizing which would be for majority of their citizens, or to keep it illegal for the money.

  • Recreatinal marijuana should be legal

    Recreational marijuana should be legalized. Doing so will allow the government to regulate the content, making it safer for users. Currently, it can be laced with other things, making it dangerous. Making it illegal has not served as a major deterrent. The government can collect a lot of tax revenue from legalizing marijuana.

  • I don't know why it isn't already.

    In the past couple of years, recreational and medical marihuana have been getting legalized in several states and it has been decriminalized in other states. The facts are all there, marihuana is one of the least harmful drugs you can consume and is way safer than the legal stuff like alcohol and tobacco. We need to take off the archaic stigmas attached to marihuana and repeal prohibition for a second time.

  • Yes, recreational marijuana should be legalized.

    Any substance that is abused can be dangerous. However, marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol when consumed responsibly. Also, marijuana does not cause bad health problems like smoking can. Fighting the war on drugs has resulted in high costs for our society: both financial and human costs. The government should not be arresting and prosecuting people for recreational marijuana.

  • No, I do not think that recreational marijuana should be legalized.

    No, I do not think that recreational marijuana should be legalized because marijuana is seen by many as a gateway drug. In addition, legalizing marijuana would allow violent drug cartels to have a larger impact on American society. I think that medical marijuana should be accessible to people suffering from severe illnesses but recreational marijuana should not be allowed.

  • Marijuana could destroy your life!

    We've all seen homeless people on the streets. Many of those are homeless because of drugs. Once you get hooked, it's hard to stop yourself. You just keep buying more and more. It's kind of creepy what drugs do to people. If you legalize it, you're basically signing a bill that will increase the amount of homeless people. Marijuana is also a gateway drug, so if you take it, you could later get hooked on heroin and die from a drug overdose. Drugs are just bad at every angle. Don't do it!

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