Should recreational marijuana use be a top federal priority?

  • Just make a decision already

    Yes I think that recreational marijuana use should be a top federal priority. I am tired of my tax dollars being used to jail and prosecute people for doing a drug that causes less harm than alcohol which is obviously legal. I think that legalizing recreational marijuana will give law enforcement to opportunity to focus on real criminals.

  • No recreational marijuana use should not be a priority

    There are so many other things to worry about in this country right now to be fighting a "war on drugs" that is completely not winnable. Couldn't we use some of the money we spend prosecuting non-violent drug offenders to provide people with heath and mental care so they don't feel compelled to use drugs in the first place? Aren't there people out there starving on the streets that could use this money to get warm and get the help they need to be productive in society. Marijuana isn't any worse for the culture than alcohol. Tax and regulate, reap the benefits. Bravo to Colorado and Washington for getting with the program.

  • Absolutely not, the Feds have bigger fish to fry!

    The top federal priorities should be homelessness, the economy, our failing schools, and the number of children living in poverty. If an adult wants to use marijuana now and again, why should the feds care? It should be classified the same way alcohol is, and the government should move on to issues that really matter.

  • No, it never should have been.

    Marijuana use has been a federal priority for years and years, and the only thing it has done is put nonviolent criminals in jail and thrown away billions and billions of tax dollars that could have gone into something that actually matters. Marijuana does absolutely no harm and should not be treated like it does.

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