• Yes recreational marijuana use should be legal

    I'd even go as far as to say we should legalize all drugs period! But for the purposes of this, I will simply say that if someone wants to smoke a little pot, that is nobody else's business but their own. No government, federal, state or local alike should have the right to tell them they can't. It is a personal choice to use, and it should not be illegal to make that choice. So absolutely do I think recreational marijuana use should be legal, it never should have been illegal.

  • Yes all pharmaceutical quality non toxic drugs should be decrimnalized.

    I think people should be able to pursue their happiness if the substance they are using is not toxic to them. The prohibition of marijuana for one was put on the books by the tobacco lobby who was worried about their marketshare as part of the same bill i believe that ironically freed the blacks probably designed to then incarcerate them for using what was already a popular drug among they and others.

  • End Prohibition Now!

    Prohibition began as a result of the loss of slave labor for big tobacco at the time part of the same omnibus bill that freed the slaves. Big tobacco saw marijuana as a threat to its market share it was a law put on the books by big tobacco this a commercial law and unconstitutional.

  • Land of the free

    "If nature is illegal, freedom doesn't exist." It makes zero sense to me that people want to ban marijuana, and yet they are fine with alcohol and prescription drugs being legal. Adderall is the legal form of METH. And yet everybody has a problem with a plant. If this is truly the land of the free, we shouldn't have nonsense laws.

  • There's much worse

    First off, I do believe one day marijuana will become 100% legal. That being said, I simply feel there is just so much worse out there somebody can put in their body besides pot. Now, I am not a smoker myself, but I understand the affects of it, and they are harmless.

  • Its cost effective

    Even if people don't like marijuana - I personally am not a huge fan - the cost to society of allowing its recreational use is far far smaller than the benefit gained by not having to enforce its prohibition, especially in light of the fact that the bans already don't work.

  • Recreational marijuana use should be legal.

    Recreational marijuana use should be legal. I think that it should be legalized just as the other two states were. I do not think it would be fair for only those two to be allowed for it to be legal and the rest of the U.S. to have a ban on it.

  • I personally think that recreational marijuana use should be legal in every state in America.

    I personally think that recreational marijuana use should be
    legal in every state in America. The
    federal government should legalize recreational marijuana use. Cigarettes and alcohol are already legal, and
    they cause more deaths and accidents than marijuana use ever will. The government needs to make a wise decision
    and make this happen now.

  • Help The Economy and Decrease the Use

    By legalizing Marijuana you would be able to put taxes on it. This would bring in more revenue for our country. People are already buying marijuana illegally which is not benefiting the country, however if legal, the taxes on this industry would be a great benefit to our economy.
    Amsterdam has legalized marijuana and the percentage of marijuana users there is extremely lower than the percentage of users in our country. This could be from the fact that many teenagers do this drug as an act of rebellion against their parents and schools. So if legalized, these teens wouldn't get the thrill of breaking the law by doing marijuana. Then hopefully the use of recreational marijuana would decrease overtime and return to being mainly a medical option.

  • Make It a Profitable Business!

    Yes, recreational marijuana use should be legal. Legalizing marijuana for recreational use could serve several purposes. There will always be people who use it whether it is legal or not and most of them either grow their own or buy it off the guy in a back room somewhere. By legalizing it, the production and sale of marijuana would become honest and above board – no more illegal street corner deals for it. It would become a business, providing incomes and tax revenue.

  • It is imperative for the safety of our nation not to legalize recreational marijuana part 1

    This country can under no circumstances repeal the current federal ban on marijuana. While it is true that a small number of states have in fact legalized the drug, the purpose of the federal government, or of any government, is to protect its citizens. The government cannot fulfill that purpose, however, if its states or citizens actively seek to self-harm themselves.

    One commonly cited argument against the prohibition of marijuana is how other (addictive) substances, such as alcohol or tobacco, do much more damage and are a thus a greater harm to the public health, while cannabis results in exactly zero deaths a year. However, that claim is objectively false. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), marijuana is the drug second most commonly found in the blood of drivers involved in crashes (after alcohol), including fatal ones. So while the drug is not as destructive as alcohol or tobacco, it is definitely a "killer".

    NIDA also reports the negative effects of marijuana in their Research Report in Marijuana:

    "Because marijuana impairs short-term memory and judgment and distorts perception, it can impair performance in school or at work and make it dangerous to drive. It also affects brain systems that are still maturing through young adulthood, so regular use by teens may have negative and long-lasting effects on their cognitive development, putting them at a competitive disadvantage and possibly interfering with their well-being in other ways. Also, contrary to popular belief, marijuana can be addictive, and its use during adolescence may make other forms of problem use or addiction more likely".

  • Drugs Cause Problems

    Fact of the matter is, drugs are dangerous, and do not belong in the hands of the public. Drugs create violence, poverty, and health problems.

    I hate it when liberals, the people who want to outlaw guns, want to legalize marijuana, saying it's a personal freedom. No, if the government doesn't have the authority to tell you not to do something dangerous, why even have a government?

  • Outlaw all drugs

    The plan of the New World Order is to have the masses drunk, on prescription drugs or on illegal drugs. This will make it easier to comtrol the masses. Get off the dope folks. Put the liquor down and don't have some headbanger get you hooked on prescription drugs. Wake up! The majority of the world is enslaved by the one percent wealthy club who control vast amounts of wealth. You are a bunch of drones who live to talk about some sport event or how nice someone's wedding was. Start to talk about ideas on how to share this world that was given to us by a higher being that made us equal. We are not on this earth to suffer or be enslaved by the wealthy. Get off the dope!! Wake up. Fight for your rights as human beings

  • No it brings no value

    There is no value to society in legalizing marijuana for recreational use. The drug is illegal for a reason and making it legal does nothing productive for society. Medical marijuana should be available to those it can help but that should be where the line with marijuana is drawn at.

  • Gate Way drug

    It is said that if marijuana is legal then its primary users teenagers will stop seeing as most supporters of the notion to legalize say that teens smoke weed out of rebellion . Are they really stopping or moving on to something stronger. It tough to say but it is very true

  • Its harmful to your health

    Marijuana is harmful to the person smoking and also to those around them by way of second hand smoke. All marijuana use should be banned. Marijuana is also an addictive drug that causes the ruination of lives. Also it has health effects later in life such as testicular cancer, heart and lung disease and an incresed risk of a heart attack

  • Do not legalize marijuana

    No, I do not think that marijuana should be legalized for recreational use. There are too many thing that can go wrong when someone takes something they don't know much about or how it can effect them. Marijuana is illegal for a reason and should stay that way. Only prescription marijuana use should be allowed.

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