Should recreational marijuana use be legal in all states?

  • Legalize Marijuana and Tax It

    Small amounts of recreational marijuana should be legalized in all states. Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol, and easier to regulate. States would benefit greatly from being able to tax marijuana, and users would have some extra security from the fact that they would no longer be buying it illegally and from the state oversight of growers. In addition, legalizing weed would free up a lot of space in our prisons and save states a ton of money that way.

  • Recreational marijuana should be allowed, but tightly controlled.

    Marijuana provides individuals with a way to relax and get away from the stresses of the world, similar to alcohol which is legal. However, just as alcohol is regulated, marijuana should be as well; there should be an age and consumption limit to define what is okay to use and when it is okay to use it. It should also be under the same public place ban as cigarettes so second-hand smoke does not affect others.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legalized for recreational use

    Using marijuana as a recreational drug is much safer than alcohol and should therefore be legalized not just in all the states of the U.S.A., but everywhere in the world. Not only is marijuana safer than alcohol, it actually has healing powers, and the entire plant can be used in other industries as well.

  • Recreational marijuana use should be legal in all states.

    Marijuana is a drug with few lasting effects. It is also not addictive and has been shown to significantly alleviate pain and stress. Laws prohibiting its use are remnants of mid 20th century paranoia when little was actually understood about the drug. Since, research has established that marijuana has beneficial medicinal properties.

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