Should Recreational use Marijuana be Legalized?

Asked by: DoubleAA2002
  • Fully decriminalized, Treated as Alcohol

    Imagine putting mothers, Fathers, And young adults aged 21+ in jail and forcing a permanent police record for simply possessing Alcohol for personal consumption. Sounds crazy right? We should learn from history the negative social consequences of legal prohibition. Far less dangerous statistically that Alcohol. Some might argue the medical studies are lacking, This primarily due to it's current DEA scheduling alongside Heroin/Cocaine as having no medicinal usage. Medical Cannabis regulation is a joke with unnecessary costs added. Recent studies from groups like Harvard University have proven legitimate medical benefit. This should at a minimum deem the schedule I status invalid. . I feel full federal legalization has major hurdles, Namely the Pharmaceutical industry. Cannabis has the potential to compete with hundreds if not thousands of currently prescribed medications with far less side effects. . P. S. Opioid manufacturers should be required to profit share with the hundreds of thousands of families who have had loved ones die due to their potent toxicity.

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