Should recreational use of marijuana be legalized?

Asked by: SomethingWitty
  • There's just no excuse not to

    We know the effects of alcohol are dangerous, we know that many deaths come from alcohol abuse. Yet it is legal. We call weed a gateway drug and nothing bothers me more because the first time i smoked weed do you want to know what drug impaired my judgment? Alcohol. The first time i was super high you know what i did? Listened to music and ate chips then went to bed. The second time i was really high i did the same thing. And its pretty much been that way ever since.

    Marijuana needs to be reclassified from a schedule 1 drug to something a lot lower. A few states have already legalized recreational use, and over 15 states have legalized for medical use. We need to stop demonizing marijuana in this country immediately.

  • Smoking pot makes you stupid

    That is undeniable, but has nothing to do with the question. It should be legal, and as recreational drug.

    The frenzy to outlaw drugs throughout history has done nothing positive. I could care less if someone wants to smoke pot, or do heroin. They will do the drug and live with the effects, good or bad.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Good in Every Way

    1) Stimulates Economy
    2) Illegal Dealers would be driven out of business, so it would be harder for underage people to get their hands on it
    3) Extra Taxable Item
    4) No reason not to, its healthier then alcohol and smoking, and it is not clinically addictive (It can be behaviorally addictive, but not clinically). No reason not to isn't a reason, but as one of the tenets of the Constitution is Liberty is there is no reason not to is should be allowed

  • No I disagree

    Drug dealers aren't necessarily bad people. They deal for money. Fair enough, there is other jobs but due to forms of discrimination not everyone finds it easy to get a job, people do this for extra money to support their families, just to put food on the table and just to survive. Their intentions aren't to see people become addicted or to sell to young children, they do it because they need too. Now, I'm not saying drugs are good or even the dealers but nobody knows why a dealer does deal, everyone has their own lives and issues in it and do it for a reason.

  • A lot of negatives. Don't know where to start.

    1) It has very dangerous negative effects when used with other drugs, including legal ones.
    2) 11% addiction rate, while less than alcohol and smoking still exist.
    3) Immunosuppressant (weakens immune system)
    4) Decrease productivity
    5) Increase risk of injury on job
    6) It is a gate way drug. Just like to say a gate way drug increases likeliness of doing other drugs. Just because the majority of people who take the drug do not move to stronger drugs doesn't mean it doesn't increase the likelihood of moving to stronger drugs.
    7) Changes structure of brain
    8) Does damage to developing brains (just because it may be illegal for teens doesn't mean legalizing it for adults won't increase teen use)

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