• Yes, because teachers need to be educated themselves

    Elitism is preference for the elite class. What the elite class might constitute of depends on the profession. In case of teaching, the elite class would comprise educated, smart people who can actually spread that knowledge to the students. So yes, either be brazenly elitist when hiring teachers, or eradicate the profession of teaching altogether. People can learn by themselves.

  • No, teacher recruiting should not be elitist.

    No, recruiting teachers should not be an elitist enterprise. First of all, the pay is not sufficient to attract the best college graduates. Second, sometimes the people who are the most accomplished have a hard time showing the patience and compassion necessary to be a good teacher. Middle achievers often fare far better in the classroom.

  • Diversity is key.

    No, recruitment of teachers should be brazenly elitist, because teaching is not an elitist profession. There is nothing about teaching that would lend itself to the argument that a richer person or a person with privilege or connections will teach better. Teaching is not the hardest profession, and people with all levels of intelligence can usually teach well.

  • Teachers should be chosen by their willingness and desire to work in specific environments.

    Recruitment of teachers should not be "brazenly elitist." This is because there are schools in our country that are very bad in terms of unruliness and crime. To expect to recruit top teachers into such places does not make sense. They will not be attracted. Schools should be more willing to accept teachers who actually simply have a desire to work in specific environments. This will produce more dedicated teachers.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe the recruitment of teachers should be brazenly elitist. People don't like begging for jobs and there's no guarantee that an elite teacher will be any better than other qualified candidates. I believe teachers can be good at their job despite where they got their education, as long as they got it.

  • No, teacher recruitment should not be brazenly elitist.

    I do not think there should be an attitude of elitism in the teaching and educational system. I think such an atmosphere will promote bias. It will also deter some from wanting to work in the field. When it comes to education, the best people for the job should be teachers.

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