Should reddit be allowed on school devices (IPads/Computers)

Asked by: Usrnm
  • There are educational/useful sub Reddits for learning

    There are several useful sub reddits that help with learning, and while it is a website that students can use wrong, but a lot of other sites are unblocked that students can also be using for uneducational purposes, so I don't think reddit is all that bad of a site for students to use

  • Reddit is not educational.

    Reddit is not a source of educational information or a website to study from. Reddit is an open-source site where anybody can post their own media. Thus, Reddit may contain unreliable and wrong information. Additionally, Reddit is a type of social media site and may act as a distraction for students. There are many more reliable and informative sites to get information for or study from. Reddit should not be allowed in schools.

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