Should regional languages also be mandated (along with English) as a medium for higher education in India?

Asked by: ratnesh_mohan
  • Yes we need.

    Along with English language, we should give importance to other regional languages. Today Due to day by day avoid of education in regional languages, it affects that nothing any language will remain except English in future. It is more effective for attracting local people interest in business, Culture and Politics.

  • Yes we need.

    Along with English language, we should give importance to other regional languages. Today Due to day by day avoid of education in regional languages, it affects that nothing any language will remain except English in future. It is more effective for attracting local people interest in business, Culture and Politics.

  • Moving forward in a positive direction for everyone

    It is time to move past the misconception that knowing English makes someone more intelligent or superior. It is a means of communication like any other language. It has its own beauty and is useful to get jobs in international companies. So I agree that it is good to learn English as a language. But this should not be done at the cost of other subjects and certainly not at the cost of our identity. As a teacher I can say students learn better in their native language as it is the most natural way for them to learn. Even teachers teach better in their native language because they can express and explain themselves better. Where necessary English words can be used. But generally to explain and express concepts and ideas, using our native language is more practical and beneficial. A deeper understanding of the subject can be achieved. This is especially important for our dear students at school. A strong foundation is invaluable and can be best achieved using our native languages.

    I don't believe English Medium Schools are the solution to helping students learn English. Actually it can cause students to learn English that is incorrect as they hear people around them speaking incorrect English. The same is true for any language. Many other countries know this which is why they don't follow the English Medium School system. E.g. In Sweden most people can speak good English but they study all their subjects in their native language, Swedish. They, like many other countries around the world, understand that only using English is a barrier for learning and is not necessary to understand the subject. It is time India realised this as well. The way English is taught needs to change with less focus on grammar and more emphasis on exposure and communication. This can be done in English lessons itself.

    The beauty of our native languages cannot be understated and they should not be undervalued. Students should not be punished for using their native languages in school as it sends the wrong message to students and creates inferiority complex and a feeling of dislike towards our native language. This is not necessary and is not actually beneficial to students. Education is about the development of the child into an adult. Not only about preparing people to earn money. The father of our nation Gandhiji spoke the truth when he opposed education in a foreign language. While we need to be dependent on English and Hindi to an extent in this modern world our native language is best to provide a solid foundation and help us understand and communicate ideas better even at a higher level. By learning in our native language we can even educate our families at home.

  • If we don't know our regional language, what we will do by learning national and international language ?

    If we don't know our regional language of our state then we have no right to say that we are from this region. By learning English doesn't mean that we know everything. If people stop learning their regional language, then there is no chance of to state to be known as a region.

  • Yes, it gives them tools for the real world.

    Yes, regional languages should be mandated, along with English, as a medium for higher education in India, because employers will be most interested in candidates that are bilingual. Even though English is important, if enough people speak a regional language, it is still important to know and be able to use.

  • Everyone see dream in mother tongue

    How so ever one is proficient in english , he cannot change identity of being his belonging to particular cultural belonging.
    However good someone else`s mother is, one cannot avoid his own mother.
    He should have pride of his own mother tongue with simultaneous liberal mind set of adopting foreign language for need of time and his own need. May it be english , french, german, mandarin, etc.
    I studied in english medium but my daughter is studying in gujarati medium. I will make sure she learn foreign language better as a language for communication.

  • The importance of regional languages cannot be forgotten.

    These days, English is seen as an opportunity language in India and people think that they can achieve affluence through knowledge of English. Because of this, people are forgetting the importance of regional languages which are important for communication as well as a cultural identity. This can be seen in the wide use of English in Indian popular culture. It may be even better to have English taught as ONLY a second language with regional languages as the medium of instruction. It is likely that the perception of English as an opportunity language is preventing the growth of India. For example, look at countries such as Japan, China and Korea where all classes are taught in the respective native languages. These countries are much more developed than India. (There are obviously other factors)

  • Quality Education to all

    This will give an option to a student to choose their language medium, especially non-metropolitan students. By choosing his/her native language, a student will have the confidence in the subject matter and this will help in understanding the concepts in a better way. Also, this will lead to growth in R&D.

  • Definitely not so!

    Cultural identity and all is good, but ultimately, there is no point learning a regional language if you want to do well in life. Let's face it, till our country becomes a superpower and people want to come here, no one cares what regional language we speak. On the other hand English is a universal language and proficiency in this language can open many doors. Shutting it out and giving more importance to regional languages is just silly, and THAT is what is hindering the progress of our country. It is just dividing the country further. One might argue about regional pride and all that, and the premise is acceptable only if you want to live in your own state in a state of ignorant bliss. Till our country becomes a dominant world force, it is pointless learning regional languages beyond a certain point. It really has no application.

  • Its imp in world of globalization!

    To interact globally one needs to be completely aware of language known by most people.English can be a better option for gathering knowledge . As most of the books are easily available in English one an get hold of them to study,besides it is difficult to understand some of technical words in regional language& so i think English should be a mandatory language

  • It has to be a big no!!!

    Its necessary for us to be well acquainted with the universal language that is English. To progress and make our country a developed one, one absolutely needs to know English better or at least like her /his regional language.I therefore rightly believe the point of learning English and studying in an English medium school

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