Should regular health insurance cover long-term care needs?

  • A Premium Lifespan

    While ‘regular’ health insurance is seen as something that simply covers those under 60 for doctor’s visits, hospitalizations, prescriptions, tests and routine exams, and even issues like counseling. However, health insurance begins with the word health and usually states that it is intended to improve a person’s life by lifting off some of the financial burden of health care needs. ‘Regular’ health care insurance, then, should be a policy that is equal across the board making it truly fair and addressing all needs possible for the citizens of the country (to whom the physicians under the insurance plans have taken the Hippocratic Oath in the name of) which means elderly and special needs individuals should be included and have their needs addressed. This will include long-term health care regardless and will also mean that ‘regular’ health care can remain at the same rate for years and keep stability and more financial security for people purchasing it.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe regular health insurance should cover the costs associated with long-term care needs. I believe long term care is over used in this country and we need to dial it back. I believe there are cases where patients do need it and in those cases their costs should be covered.

  • Health Care should cover everything

    That is the right thing to do. We all get that health care can become extremely expensive. If our were leaders were running the industry properly and not rigging the system to where certain people made insane amounts of money, then the system would be much more viable. They could also stop using the emergency room for minor injuries which really racks up costs.

  • Long-term care is not covered.

    No, regular health insurance does not cover long-term care needs, because regular health insurance purposefully excludes long term care. Older people who need long-term care have to go out and buy it for themselves. It is a separate insurance product. Regular insurance does not cover it because it is so expensive.

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