Should Regular Show be allowed to push the boundaries of TV-PG?

Asked by: thewonderer
  • Especially since it is targeted toward a teen audience.

    Cartoon Network always aimed for RS to strike older audiences, as it was never considered for a TV-Y7 rating. It was because of this decision, along with it's fresh, laid-back plot, that the show became a major success for the network, not only in merchandise, but DVD sales, and of course ratings. Now that it has stopped the writers from having as much freedom, the show has lost a bit of it's original edge. This now begs a question. Should the series be allowed it's original freedom again? (innuendos, minor language and etc.)


    Children also watch this show, due to this reason the Regular show should not be allowed to push the boundaries of TV-PG. I know many children ages 5-9 who watch this show and copy many of the other things they hear from this, so if we push the boundaries many of the children may start saying thing or copying actions they do.

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