• Yes they should.

    The regulations on the paparazzi should be increased. They constantly hound and attack the celebrities, which has cause some harm to them in the past. The celebrities are people too, and they deserve their right to privacy jus like any normal person. So yes, their regulations need to be increased.

  • They tend to get too personal

    I think at times the paparazzi tends to get a little to personal with the celebrities. I've seen some pretty crazy videos online of them literally following around the celebrities and actually causing them stress. i think they are people just like you and I and rightfully deserve their privacy.

  • Regulations on the paparazzi should be increased.

    The paparazzi is long overdue for serious regulations, and very tough consequences for violating the regulations. Their fanatic behavior has bred and fed the celebrity culture that we see in society today. There's way too much emphasis placed on being famous and being noticed. The near criminal invasion of privacy that the paparazzi commits on a regular basis is something that no one should have to suffer, not even the pukes of Hollywood.

  • Yes, probably wise

    Those the paparazzi are chasing should have some expectation of being in the public eye, but there comes a limit. The invasions of privacy these people boastfully partake in are ridiculous, and as much as they'd like to think they're important, it isn't for "need to know" news, it's dumb gossip. Give it a rest.

  • No, they are just trying to make a buck.

    No, regulations on the paparazzi should not be increased, because it would be impossible to police the paparazzi. The paparazzi are just trying to make a living. If the stars do not like it, they can hire security. It is too hard to tell people that they cannot be in public places. The stars usually ask to be famous, so they can deal with it.

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