• Definitely. There should be a law for this!

    If I choose to believe in "the holy fork on the wall" then is fine if I don't enforce it to anyone. Is ok to believe in anything just don't make a circus out of it and leave people be.

    (another word to close this comment box - no more words needed)

  • Yes, Because if it isn't your choice, It's oppression.

    Every person deserves to choose their own spiritual path or not. I had Christianity shoved down my throat most of my childhood, It did not do good for me. I now stay quite far away from it and have chosen a different path for myself. I don't see how taking away this kind of choice could be beneficial in any way whatsoever.

  • As opposed to compelled by force?

    Religion is deeply personal and is responsible for being the foundations of one's total worldview and the beliefs they hold concerning existence, Purpose, Origin, Deity, The human condition, Evil and suffering, Nature of death and ones destiny after death, The value of human (and other) life.
    Religion and its philosophical and theological richness drive everything that makes up that person's mental, Emotional, Relational, Social, Psychological and spiritual health. Thus it follows that it should remain a personal choice.
    Any attempt from an authoritarian power to compel or prohibit individual religious beliefs only acts to serve as a means of control over a population's humanity and therefore determine human worth. Control over a person using religion as the means uses fear and manipulation to achieve the ends of the tyrant

  • Yes, It should.

    If I want to belong to Jesus, That is between Him, And myself. I also support religious liberty, For all people of faith, It is a human right. I don't support a religious dictatorship, Because only Jesus is good enough for that. Religion is a right, But it should be voluntary.

  • That's what the world to come is for.

    You should know the drill by now. Prophesized dooms-day, God's Elect the only survivors, Etc. So naturally, I vote "NO. " Because all of you "do-as-thou-wilters" of the Aleister Crowley are going to go extinct by either choking on too much dick, Or being mercilessly pulled into depths of hell by hungry & horny old Scratch himself.

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