Should religion be allow taught after age 18?

Asked by: Howllo
  • Allowed not mandatory.

    By the age of 18, young adults should be able to determine what types of influence are good for them. If they wish to continue, enter a new religion or stop going to services that should be entirely up to them. Some people wish to know more about their god after they reach 18, so by all means, they should be able to be taught. Should they be forced to attend service because they don't, nope. They should also have the right not to believe in the god, to believe in a different god, or no god.

  • Children are to young to know

    At young age you are taught to think, how to act, and lots of other, by your parent, and in which you believe what they say is the truth, and you will believe what every they say. So at age 18 you suppose to be able to think for yourself, and make your own decisions, and make choices.

  • Teaching religion specifically is pointless.

    I believe that teaching religion on it's own (as in looking at the teachings of the bible and the quran and) is a pointless and sometimes unfair exercise. It doesn't really teach children about belief and why it exists and why one would join a religion. The time would be better spent with a class where topics of morality, sexuality (etc.) are taught in a module format, to give a wider philosophical understanding to the children. As part of this, you would have a module on Major world religions, giving each an equal overview and a module in cults and sects, another religious thing people face in the real word. This approach means the students aren't stuck in a mindset of one religion and have a philosophical mind. Then past the age of 18, when the students are able to view religious orders objectively, the religions can be taught extensively.

  • They Should Be Taught About Religion Before 18

    Kids and young adults should be taught about their own religion at a young age as young kids would get used to the religion and gain information and be more of a believer than a bystander. If A Child Is taught a religion at a young age they will most likely keep that religion as they grow older whereas if you are used to not praying or following your religion than that person will get used to it.
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  • Of course, why not?

    Has anyone seen kids enjoying some of the kids Sunday school events while their parents attend adult services? I must say, those kids seem to enjoy the play time & learning about God. Kids exposed to POSITIVE teaching of Jesus' message can only benefit their lives. Don't worry, kids will make up their own minds regarding God as they mature & if they have had bad experiences, they will abandon further religion.

  • Maybe a little earlier

    Maybe at an age like fourteen. I'm an atheist, but i think children should learn about religion at around that age, because they're mature enough to really understand it, but they are still in school so they are able to utilize their freshly obtained knowledge to decide which religion, if any, to choose.

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