• Reeeeeeeee obama did 911

    I think this is veryu tru as obamla did 711 i very angerry at hitler for doing 911(the 7th one) I THINK RELIGION should be banned as it promotes terrorism have you ever seen an athiest bomb man no i don't think so it is very bad but we know jonesy the fortnite default skin did the 4th 911

  • It should be banned

    Based on historical evidence, It’s easy for me to make the argument that, With some exceptions, Religion has stood in the way of science throughout human history. We have computers and the Internet and fancy electronic devices, But how much farther along would we be if great influential scientific figures throughout history—Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Socrates for crying out loud—hadn’t faced death to release their scientific findings? If you equate science to human progress rather than religion, Then what you end up with is a model of the world where science figures out that bacteria-infected fleas traveling on rodents probably caused the Black Death, And religion figures out that it means we need to kill more people.

  • Religion promotes treating dogma as a virtue

    It doesn't matter if religions provide charity and so forth since all can be achieved through secular means.

    Religion has caused more harm then good throughout human history.

    Religion relys on child indoctrination because most matured people would just see it for what it really is, Dogma.

    You know what the difference between Christianity and Scientology is? Christianity has a two thousand year head start on Scientology.

  • Religion should be banned, Because religion is man's way to God and not the true way!

    There are many religions in the world, Some peaceful and some promoting violence against unbelievers. Religion is a belief system that has guidelines about daily living, Anyone can follow any religion they believe in. But, There's only one way to Heaven and that's by faith in the sacrificial atoning death of Jesus Christ to save you from sin. John 3:16
    We all have something in common, We are sinners and cannot stand before a Holy God. We need a substitute who can make us worthy. Chirist is our substitute and the only mediator between God and man!
    Trust Him today for your eternal salvation!

  • I hate my religion

    My religion makes me go to some retarded ass school, Where the teachers don't even know English, And all my relatives don't relate to me at all, They think anything I do is crazy, Whenever I go to a non-religous think my parents yell at me and make me drink holy water

  • ArcHorizon and JosephDrint

    ArcHorizon and JosephDrint you guys are so F*cking dumb for being on the no side that you guys went F*CKING sh*t, And you guys got ebolas for not knowing da wae, Da wae is picking yas when it comes to banning religions but you Dumb Retards picked the no side which causes ebolas.

  • Grow up already.

    Religions are no more that the same type of fairy tales we are told as kids. Ie Santa. Easter bunny, Tooth fairy etc. Not to mention the only reason people believe in one god or another is because it was passed down from their family. Its even more sad that religions are treated like a football or basketball team. The team your own is mostly dictated by the area or country your born in. More people have died in the name of a God than any other form of death we know as a people.

    I personally don't need to have some deity dictate to me what's right and wrong. Nor do I feel giving portions of my wages and time to a church of some kind that does not hurt enrich it self and no real help for others. For crying out loud, Churches pull in millions upon millions yet pay no taxes themselves. If religion was really about what it says it is then the churches as a collective would have already solved the hunger, Homeless and poverty issues. Instead they build megachurches that only allow them more revenue streams.

    Educate yourself and read up on how much churches actually have to give back to be considered a tax exempt business. And then ask your self why the salesmen of these religions have so much and their followers have so little. I think even jesus would agree with me on this, Churches have jacked his plan for people to be nice to one another and replaced it with a way to buy your salvation.

    Lastly. Actually read these scriptures from all said gods. Compare them with the time lines of the world and what our history records. You will be shocked to find out you have been tricked. But then again a religious person will scoff at the idea of learning something new. We all know the story about what happened when adam and eve are from the tree of knowledge. So stay dumb and keep hoping it works out.

  • I want a quiet life so i agree on banning it.

    My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. I lived in the garbage can by your house, Where all the other hobos are, And I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, And I get home every day by 8 am at the earliest. I smoke 10 cigarettes a day, And I binge drink. I'm in bed by 9 am, And make sure I get two minutes of sleep, No matter what. After having a bag of cocaine and doing about twenty minutes of rolling in mud before going to bed, I usually have a lot of problems sleeping. Just like a retard, I wake up with a lot of fatigue and stress in the morning. The doctor even wonders why I'm not dead yet.

  • People on the no-side are all gay

    People on the no-side are all gay people on the no-side are all gay
    people on the no-side are all gay people on the no-side are all gay
    people on the no-side are all gay people on the no-side are all gay
    people on the no-side are all gay people on the no-side are all gay

  • This is what happened to me because i believed in a religion.

    This is a normal day for me but A guy pooped in my yard so i walked to that guy and i punched him in the face, Destroyed his nuts, And pulled his tongue out and wrapped it around his neck and killed him, Then when i am walking back to my house i accidentally stepped on his S*** and slipped. And one few cars ran over me, And when i finally stood up i got crashed in the air by truck and flew to a nuclear factory and crashed into a nuke and it sent me even farther in the air. I fell in the atlantic ocean and got swallow by a whale and got pumped out in the air, I flew to my house and crashed into it and grabbed onto our light bulb. There is a piece nail under me so i don't want to jump down, So i swung myself and tried to land on the sofa but i accidentally kicked on the light switch, And electric ran through me, I was electrocuted, But i still survived, But when i got to the ground the BIG nail stabbed into my butt, It was painful and i screamed, Then i found my favorite kind of candy and tried to eat it but i got choked to the death and dead. The End.

  • Religion started the USA, And kept us a great country for hundreds of years.

    Religion was the founding fathers reasons, And the pilgrims came for freeedom of religion guys, So why woud you say thawe need to ban religion. China bans religion and who actually wants to live in china, Were they murder and torture u for religion, Plus all aethiests truly know that God exists.

  • Religion should not be banned

    1. Religion is what makes a society.
    Through religion, We are able to build up a society, By making friends through sharing the same thoughts. This is important in society since, Through friendship and others, We are able to create bonds that can spread out onto other people, And affect them in the same way as we do, Creating an opposite of a vicious cycle.
    2. Religion is a belief, It does not always promote terrorism.
    Through religion, Peace can be made, Such as Jesus, Who spread his knowledge to people, And Buddha who taught the peace in your mind. Yes. Some religions such as the ones with blood sacrifice, And women demoting can be considered as a religion that should be banned. However, Due to this, It doesn't always mean that every religion has to be banned, But only some religions.

  • Religion is necessary for free American society.

    The American Founding Fathers, Although not all of them were exactly Christian, Understood that religion was necessary to preserved a free society. They reasoned that the ultimate goal of society is to achieve the common good. To achieve the common good, A person needs virtue. To achieve virtue, A person needs liberty and morality. And to achieve morality, A person (said the Founding Fathers) needed the principles of religion. So, Even if you don't believe in a particular religion, It is invaluable to preserving the chain of freedom in America.

  • Banning religion is just as bad as forcing it

    I’m going to assume that most of the people who voted “yes” did so because they don’t like the problems that have occurred in the name of religion, Such as terrorism, Genocide, And religious war. If we look at the root of these problems, It’s people in certain religions who believe that everyone must convert to their religion and that their religion is better than others. By saying that religion itself is inherently bad and that it should be banned, We are in a way making atheism the new religion that everyone must convert to and saying that atheism is better than the world’s religions. Many people won’t want to convert to atheism just as many people wouldn’t want to be forced to convert to Christianity. There could even be terrorism and war between atheist and religious extremists because of this. We would be doing the very thing that we believe makes religion bad. Ironic, Right? This is not even to mention the fact that most religious violence is history and that those who are violent in the name of religion today make up a tiny minority of all followers of religions. Many followers of religions are inspired to live good, Peaceful lives. It would be unfair to tell someone that they can’t be inspired by the words of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Etc.

  • People should have free will

    Religion is a right. People are shamed for their religion and this is what this debate is doing. I may not be religious, But I still believe people should the right to their beliefs. Religion is not always a negative factor. It brings people together and helps others. It gives people support emotionally as well. What we need to stop is toxic behavior.

  • IF you take religion away what is free will?

    To ban religion is to take someones identity away from them. If you grew up knowing the Jesus was real (which he in fact is :D) and suddenly the world wants to rip it away from you? Your whole identity would be gone. People use religion as a safety blanket. By taking it away you are opening up the world to more chaos and harm.

  • Of course religion shouldn't be banned

    Why on EARTH should the government have a say in what you believe? If you do not like a religion just don't participate in it for pity's sake. Also you cannot prove God is not real. Until you can do that then don't rule out potential truths just because they do not reflect your objective reality.

  • Religion is a yes!

    Religion was the founding fathers reasons, And the pilgrims came for freeedom of religion guys, So why woud you say thawe need to ban religion. China bans religion and who actually wants to live in china, Were they murder and torture u for religion, Plus all aethiests truly know that God exists.

  • No religion should not be banned

    Well I don't understand why it should be banned in the 🔥 place it talks about the origin of the universe and purpose of life it's a mixture of science and philosophy so yeah many people do believe in religion and what is its true it should be treated as another scientific theory I mean there are no points to disprove it anyway

  • Religion should not be banned

    Religion is what started so many cultures, Music etc, Etc I mean sure the catholic church did some pretty dumb things in the bubonic plague times and such but that does not mean we should just ban it, Religion started so many things that we still use today and just because your offened about it doesn't mean anything

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