• It's all that matteres.

    Yes, religion should be emphasized over equality, because religion is the meaning of life. It says in the Bible that "You will always have the poor among you." There is no way to make everything truly equal. But it is important that we serve God and keep His commandments, because that is the real meaning of life.

  • Religion should never be emphasised over anything.

    If people want to believe in a magical fairy in the sky, that's their choice, but to emphasise it over equality? That's too far. If we were to run our society by the Bible, homosexuals would be exiled and possibly executed simply for being gay, a rapist could marry the person he raped simply by paying the father some money and so many other terrible things would be allowed simply because "God says so". If you want society to reduced to what it was in the medieval ages, then go ahead, emphasise religion over equality and watch society crumble as religious nutbags are allowed to run the country and pass sick laws and do awful things "In the name of God". Anything can be done in the name of God, and if those kind of people get power, I would rather kill myself than live in a world like that.

  • Religion should not be emphaszied over equality.

    Religion should not be emphasized over equality. Freedom of religion and universal equality are two of the major rights offered in the American Constitution. The phrase "liberty and justice for all" is incorporated in the American pledge of allegiance, and trumps the adherence to any one particular religion. The freedom to choose your own religion is a constitutional right, but it is not mandatory to participate in any religion. It is on the other hand manditory that all citizens be afforded equal rights and liberties.

  • No, it should not be

    I equality is the basic dealings of religion,but they are so far apart now its not even funny.The people need to be considered equal and with religion that just seems like its not going to happen. the world is bad enough we don't need hatred pushed by religious factions, it is just wrong.

  • Equality More Important

    Equality and respecting each other's differences are very important to a civilized society. It's okay to have different religious views, but just respect and relish the differences of opinion and realize that not all religions have the right answers. Everyone deserves the same rights on Earth, not just one religion over another.

  • No, religion shouldn't be emphasized over equality.

    I do not believe that religion should be emphasized over equality. I think that while religion is important to a lot of people, we should all strive to be equals first. Everybody should be treated with the same level of respect and fairness regardless of beliefs and religion of choice.

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