Should religion be forced on children in schools?

Asked by: JaneWillow
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  • Don't shove down their throats!

    First off, there is no war on religion! "In God we trust" and "one nation under God" are there because it's being forced on Americans. In fact both of those phrases want even added in until the 1960s. So why should we have our children be taught that these are the things to say they are correct and so on and so forth. It's simply not fair I don't want religion shoved down my children's throats! A child should be allowed to choose what they believe. I'm not saying hello to children that God is really wrong I'm telling my children got it wrong . Schools are a facility of the state and by promoting Christianity or other religions they are showing favoritism to one religion and that will cause another religious war which caused a great deal of death and so on. I can't stand by it!

  • Unethical and Illegal in the US

    Firstly, it's unethical to teach children to believe a certain way in schools. This brainwashes children and denies parents the right to teach their children the morals they want. Religion isn't a fact, so it shouldn't be forced. Secondly, this would be illegal in public schools in the US. In the 1st amendment, the government is denied from establishing a religion or denying citizens the right to practice their own religion. Since public schools receive government funding and their curriculum is decided largely by the government, it's reasonable to consider public schools part of the government. An action like this necessarily infringes on both of these parts of the 1st amendment, as it establishes a religion and would require that the expression of any religion in conflict with the taught religion be suppressed.

  • Separation of Church and State

    Now, I'm totally (Netflix and...) chill with religions and such, but the integration of religion to schools is totally (Netflix and...) unchill.
    I believe that there are some religious faiths that teach a lot of boondoggle from how a dude's rib was able to create an entire human being, and how the entire world got magically flooded and only a family survived in a huge goddamn wooden boat.
    I also believe that people should not be taught a specific religion. A person should have the right to decide his/her religion based on his/her beliefs.

  • First Amendment+ Beliefs

    According to the First Amendment(which is the law), freedom of religion is allowed. Religion is a belief. You can choose what religion to believe in. I think that if you force religion, you may teach the wrong thing. No religion has ever been proven true. You can go to a church if you want.

  • Meaning in the title.

    Now I obviously don't believe any religion should be forced on anyone. One's religion is a personal choice. At the same time I do believe multiple religions should be taught (taught not preached) in schools as to provide students with a choice. So no I don't think religion should be forced in school but I do think it should be taught in school.

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