• Holocaust. Crusades. The Fall of the Roman Empire. Equality.

    All three of these significant and terrible events, occurred because of religion.

    The Holocaust was Christians and Catholics murdering Jews, which later sparks WW2 (The single greatest loss of life in history). Also the Catholic church endorsed Hitler and funded the Nazi Party.

    The Crusades were Christians and/or Catholics brutally going to war in the name of God, they needlessly murdered innocent Muslims, just because they were Muslim. All of the crusades led to vast losses of life.

    The Fall of the Roman Empire, occurred in part due to barbarian invasion and religious unrest (The population was virtually split even on whether Rome should retain the old religions and ways or convert to Christianity) I added this event because after Romes fall, the world essentially reverted back to the stone age (In terms of advancement) and was left with nothing but the remnants of a Grand Civilization.

    Also until the "invention" of modern religion, people were essentially equal (Homosexuals were equal, in most civilizations women could do everything but serve in the military)

    YES. Religion should be illegal. It does nothing but cause pain, despair, and gives people a false idol to look too.

  • There is no point of believing in impossible things and calling them divine mysteries

    What!? If something is perfect, nothing imperfect can come from it. Someone once said that bad fruit cannot come from a good tree, and yet this "perfect" God created a "perfect" universe which was rendered imperfect by the "perfect" humans. The ultimate source of imperfection is God. What is perfect cannot become imperfect, so humans must have been created imperfect. What is perfect cannot create anything imperfect, so God must be imperfect to have created these imperfect humans. A perfect God who creates imperfect humans is impossible.


  • As long as religion doesn't hurt others?

    I agree with the "devout atheist" that as long that it does no harm, it should be allowed. Problem is that it does harm.
    Not only is religion a huge source of almost all kinds of discrimination (homophobia, racism, sexism...), it is also the main source for the biggest current (and previous) wars and probably also future wars.
    Religion is also a waste of resources, time and money that could be used to help and improve society.

  • What if you're wrong about "god"? Promote love not hate.

    Following organised religion is a mindless way of life that incites hatred and intolerance under the frustrating guise of the 'moral high ground'. It makes sense that "god" was invented way back when in a bid to explain the wonders of the world, but we have evolved since then. Humans are naturally and diversely amazing - we are intelligent, innovative, caring, and industrious. Nature itself is mind-blowingly wonderful and creative, why don't we celebrate those facts instead of crediting an imaginary force. Human morals are implicit, do we really need a rule book telling us murder is wrong?! As for things like homosexuality, it is so sad that religion promotes intolerance and hate over something as natural as love. If religious people just stopped to question "what if I'm wrong" and actually thought for themselves; we could work together on this planet to have a comfortable, happy life with no fear of war under the guise of religion/extremism. We would still do good, some would still do wrong, but not in the name of "god". It genuinely frightens me that "intelligent" grown up people are still mindlessly quoting 'beliefs' without thinking for themselves. It's also frustrating to see how people will happily twist their interpretations to suit them and their desires. It's an archaic way to brainwash and control people and we are better informed than ever so WHY fall for it? We don't need instructions. Spirituality is not the same as religion - we are all spiritually aware beings but that is a natural, indefinable essence of being. It does not need packaging and branding to boost ratings. So much more good could be done without religion - come on people, let's change for the future!

  • We don't need them

    Everyday I see more religion bigots imposing their ridiculous beliefs into everyone's daily lives, schools and government. I'm sick of it. I'm tire of these religious giants getting rich off of the gullible people. The money we could save that the churches hoard could go into education and help feeding the hungry. Religions separate people instead of making us work together. We don't need fake beliefs to be a good society. Need I say more.

  • Morals for unethical manipulation.

    This is all religion has to offer, and that is all it was about since the beginning.

    There is a critical difference between spirituality and mythology (both comforting and harmless) vs. Organized religion: arbitrary authority - a "gifted" person or "elite" group who can "correctly" interpret everything. "Everything" includes some written/oral tradition which so comfortably happens to dictate a moral ruleset as well! (Note that we are fortunate that scientific advances have now excluded everything else from this "everything").

    Now, how would this "gifted" person/elite survive without an honest job? Perhaps they could use their "gift" to make some money, right? Seems fair. And what a coincidence that the rules they so adeptly interpret have no objection to supplying false or arbitrary interpretations of them. So, "if there's a market, sell it". Oh wait, but don't sell just the moral elements, sell your "gifted" authority over them too, as a bonus.
    "You get some pretty good answers for everything and advice for your life (if you currently live a few centuries ago -but don't think about this now) and you get me for free!! ... Well, I will need some land to begin with, some tax-free payment for my services, and some say in state affairs. Oh, and I will reserve your freedom of expressing a view opposing to mine, but that's for your own good, since you shouldn't be thinking in the first place because I and only I am the gifted one who can tell you everything -see? There is no reason not to join our group: no need to torment your mind, just act as I say".
    Freedom from inconvenient thinking solved! With surprisingly convenient terms.

    Unfortunately people are too eager to give up much of their thinking and philosophical liberty to "belong" to a group. And giving up your freedom of thought is giving up what makes you human.

  • Religion holds us back

    Progress of science is held back by religion. The only thing it causes is war, arguments and stupidity. It's the adult version of santa clause; a crutch for weak minded people who are scared of the truth. Women are seen as lesser individuals, and those who know the truth are treated as evil being. People are losing their lives because parents would rather let a nonexistent god "heal" their child than take theme of an actual doctor. Religion will be the downfall of humanity if it isn't stopped.

  • The idea of believing in a personal god is ridiculous.

    Why waste time believing in an imaginary friend. It would make far more sense to develop ones consciousness to the highest level possible as the Buddha did.
    Religions that believe in a personal god are basically all the same:
    Just sales people selling dehydrated water. You can't see it but you will be saved if you buy it.

  • Religion is a liability on human.

    I dnt believe in religion and god.I think religion makes people disable they forget their inner motivation and have a strong faith in that irrefutable religious documents would change their life but its not happening we have a body brain to make our life sophesticated why you people are wrong they were only our ancestors who wrote these books and also these documents are wrong in some situations that is why terrorism increasing.At last i think little knowledge of our ancestors makes some people life like hell i think it should be banned i am always ready to aware people who have biased belief in god and teach them humanity by giving examples i think our religion should be only humanity that we have some responsibilities towards other

  • Humans are inherently flawed.

    They all want to be dominant, they want attention, they want power, and they admire people with these characteristics instinctually. It is human nature to look up to people that are immoral. Religion perpetuate this mindless worship of authority and fails to acknowledge that this is even a problem. Since religions are so misguided, they should be destroyed.

  • Not gonna happen.

    Even Thomas Jefferson swore upon the altar of almighty God eternal hostility against any form of tyranny over the mind of man. If you want to outlaw religion, then you are committing the same kind of tyranny you purport to oppose. You want to remove religion from government? Fine. You could even make public displays of faith illegal. Fine. (I'd like to see you try that in America, though, and see how far you get.) But when you try to foist your Godlessness on the mind of man, when you make it illegal to believe and practice, not only are you being unAmerican, not only are you pissing on the Constitution, but you are also a hypocrite. Banning something just because you don't believe the same way is the same thing you argue that believers do.

  • No religion is fine if it doesn't hurt anyone

    Religion should not be illegal. Freedom of religion is a main foundation of this country. To make it illegal would be to strip the founding fathers of everything they worked for. Religion is a good social system that can help some people. No it is not for everyone but it is not something to make illegal.

  • Freedom of religion and speech

    It is wrong to infringe upon one's right to believe in religion. Athiest proclaim that no religion is better. The communist system said that as well and they slaughtered millions of people. No matter if religion was illegal or not, there would still be hatred in the world and therefore killings and death. A person or government should not oppress the people's freedom of speech and religion. It is a right.

  • Religion should not be illegal

    Religion does not start war . People do . All religions except for Islam teach morals decency philosophy and wisdom . People who live without religion grow sick in the head and those who live with religion love respect and care for other people . As Nick sturdy says. THE PEOPLE WHO WANT RELIGION GONE ARE PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT RULES TO LIVE BYE

  • The real question is: how?

    What counts as a religion? How do you know if someone is guilty of being religious?

    Would you arrest anyone who calls themself a Christian, Buddhist, etc? If so, people would stop using those words and start saying "I believe in Jesus" etc. So would you make it illegal to speak about any religious entities (God, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, etc)?

    How do you legally define a religious entity? Do we say it's anything that lacks evidence of existence? If so, talking about Bigfoot or Santa Claus - even making a joke about them - could get you arrested. But that's just the beginning. Anyone who writes a fiction novel would go to jail.

    Science would be illegal too, because all new scientific theories involve entities that we don't have full evidence for.

    So maybe we should just ban religious books? Well, what counts as a religious book? Do you ban the book itself or just the idea of teaching people to act based on what it says in a book?

    Say goodbye to cookbooks, because someone might see the recipe as "absolute" and "unchangeable".

    Say goodbye to self-help books, because someone might take the advice too far.

    Say goodbye to any "how-to" instruction books, because someone might think that the only way to do something is the way it says in the book.

    You could pretty much say goodbye to freedom of speech as we know it.

    So maybe the government should just keep a list of blacklisted religions that no one can be part of? Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Falun Gong, Hare Krishna, etc? Well then, what happens when the government adds something to that list? Do they just arrest everyone in that religion? Of do they issue a 30-day notice to revoke your beliefs?

    Still seems like it could turn into a dictatorship.

    I don't think there's a way to write fair laws that ban religion and still preserve basic human rights and freedoms. If you can think of a way, I'd love to hear it.

  • Many people need it

    Religion is something people can choose to be in their lives predominately, or they can use it as a fall back. I believe in God, because I like to think somebody is watching me. Yes, some religions limit you, such as Islam and Sharia law, or Christianity and the anti-gay protest, but in the world, that is a small minority. It is a small percentage of people who follow their religion to the extreme. I know many Sikhs who cut their hair, many Christians who are open to homosexuality, even some Muslims who drink.
    People twist their religion to justify what they do (e.G. 9-11) and that is wrong, but religion has lead many people, and gave them strength.

  • Not a smart suggestion - beware what you wish for!

    Ancient Rome and Communism tried to persecute the Church and killed thousands and thousands in the name of the Future Happiness and heaven on Earth.

    And the result?

    1. The church has always survived (as has been predicted: "the gates of hell will not prevail") and would always become stronger.
    2. The regimes that fought hard against it would always disappear.

    So to ban the religion would be a suicidal suggestion..

  • I believe God and Evolution

    Listen, something had to make the Big Bang. I think God made the Big Bang. Yes, we did evolve from slime and stardust. God is a scientific genius, he uses math, physics and all of above. I don't believe genisis or Noah's ark because it is complete bullsh!T. We don't need to make religion illegal, it's not a problem for someone like me who questions the bible himself. I believe God and evolution. But... I hate hyper religious people, they are backwards and are so oblivious to science. God is Science, I bet one day scientist would be studying external, unnatural forces. Maybe we would be building souls in labs for all I know.

  • There is a GOD

    Religion is now and has always been there and will continue to be there till the end of time. God said, he is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Jesus said no man comes unto the father but by me. There is more proof today and the proof is growing that Jesus was in fact on earth and there will be proof when he see fit for there to be proof that his resurrection is a true happening. He has told us in his words that we are to have faith. Live our days as he is coming and we do not know when. But all will be revealed to those who believe. I do believe one thing that many religious people get upset with me for saying. If anyone can mess something up it would be MANKIND. It is supposed to be a simple thing. There are lots of arguments about how all this is supposed to happen. The thief on the cross " And we indeed are suffering justly, for we are receiving what we deserve for our deeds; but this man has done nothing wrong." And he was saying, "Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!" And He said to him, "Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise." Very simple, repent believe and you will be saved. Not hard, not confusing not a lot of debate. Simply believe in him, let him take control of your heart and life and you will be saved.

  • You can't legislate thought.

    I am non-religious, but I recognize that you can't make laws to tell people what they can't think. If you make religion illegal, you're no better than those two commandments, "You shall not covet your neighbor's goods" and "You shall not covet your neighbor's wife". Thoughts don't hurt other people. Deeds hurt other people. It's only when your thoughts and beliefs begin to affect other people that the law should step in.

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Flopalong says2017-02-16T07:05:48.053
Religion should be made illegal. Religion promotes and propagates the same prejudices, intolerance, bigotry, hatred, homphobia and sex shaming that has been circulating the world for thousands of years. Religion shames and demonizes normal, natural, healthy human sexual behavior by promoting obsurd purity myths. Religion pathologicaly justifies discrimination and oppression of the natural human rights and freedoms of the LGBT community. Religion must be aggressively and rigorously opposed at all costs for the sake of all humanity.