• I think it will work

    I think that religion can work in our schools. We need religion in our schools so that children can learn something else besides theories and fake facts. Most children live in a religious home, and have to hear their teachers talk about facts that either make no sense or are completely false.

  • Yes I do believe there should be freedom of religion.

    In schools, students should be allowed to pray at will and should be taught religion, not just Christianity. They should be taught about the diversity and the traits of all the religions. Of course, atheists should also have the right to not participate in any religion related activities, but I'm speaking generally here. Also, the Bible is a great history book and should also be taught in schools. Most of the morals they teach at the public schools come from it.

  • Religion should be taught in schools!

    Religion is the study of ways that people believe. I believe that if we truly are supporters of democracy, and believe in the freedom of speech, religion. Ideas, and individualism, then understanding the basics of what different religions believe is very important in preventing the misconceptions, and hate that is spreading in the world today. I had my fair share of bullying in school during the 80's, early 90's because of my families beliefs, in a country that is democratic but failed to teach what that means. Today I live with my family in Sweden and can gladly say that Religion is included in the curriculum, teaching the simple basic history, fundamental beliefs in a respectful way. I don't understand why our opinions must be so influenced and molded by the media, who seek to create sides and divides.

  • I say yes

    It should be at least talked about in schools. I'm not a religeous person at all, but as I'm interested in history, I think It would be nice if we could at least hear something about it. Once, My teacher had been talking about religion, and was saying when one formed, then just started talking about something else.

  • Storia delle religioni e i loro Principi

    Il fenomeno religioso è parte della vita dell'uomo sin dall'inizio.
    A scuola andrebbe insegnata la storia, le radici e i principi delle religioni. Andrebbe insegnato lo spirito critico con cui approcciare il fenomeno religioso e - capisco la difficoltà dell'essere obiettivi - le modalità con cui distinguere:
    le religione dalla fede
    le religioni dalle sette
    le religioni propositive e positive da quelle negative (per l'umanità)

  • Religion should not be in schools

    Why on earth should religious classes be allowed in school? It's school not church. School is a place where you are taught the facts that are being discovered and have been proven to be true, evolution, the big bang, and other forms of science. Granted they are "theories" but they have been tested an observed so far as much as they are capable, but it is what is fact right now. If you want a religious lesson then go to your local church.

  • No, Not in Public Schools

    Religion should not be taught in public schools, religion is dying out and it shouldn't be kept up in the next generation. There are religious schools and religious students should enroll there, there is no real reason to bring something so biased into something full of new beginnings also I cant be the only one to see there would be massive conflict between the religious and the evolutionists. It shouldn't happen

  • Schools Should Be Secular

    We live in a diverse and religiously free society. Religion is something that belongs at home with the family, not in any kind of government sponsored or required activity. Because children are required to go to school, and education is too important to risk children being pulled from school for personal reasons like religion, religion has no place in the school system.

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  • Nope nope noepety nope

    Though my secondary school dosent teach religion, my primary school was very religious. We were taught religion at least 2 times a day and every assembly we had to sing hymns'. Anyway, school is for learning. Not church. Not everyone is a religious person and most parents dont want their children in school learning religion. No, i dont want to learn the ten commandments. No, i dont want to know whats in a sinnogogue. No, i dont want to know the story of how jesus got crucified on easter. Its all utter pointless to some who can learn better things than religion.

  • No it should not be.

    I am not religious and I think that religion and what it's made people do should be talked about in history classes. Also church is church and school is school. If a student is not religious, why force them to read a bible? If a child is Muslim, why take the Quran out of their hands and slap a bible in their face? Church and state were separated for a reason. Children need to learn facts about how our world was created, not opinions.

  • No religion in school

    School is not church. You learn religion at home, and at church. Its not needed in schools. Because some kids have different beliefs. So some kids might feel offended if other kids are talking about how there belief is best and better. So I say schools shouldn't have religion in school.

  • Separation of Church and State

    Religion which is something that should be taught by families and does not have a place in public schools. The government has no right to teach religion to children and therefore possibly change their minds. Every student must be taught the facts, not some random beliefs without any proof of being reliable.

    Posted by: NSur

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