• Religion defends the bigotry and ignorance of science.

    Religion has proven time and time again, specifically in regards to science that they are willing to look at the evidence and say no, that's wrong. Citing an ancient book with no base in logic or reason does not prove your point, but people eat it up all the same. People use religion as an excuse to hate perfectly ok human beings. LGBTQ community deserves every right given to a straight couple but people cite their Holy Books as a reason to discriminate. I find it hard to believe a civilized society is ok with this, but indoctrination is so strong it goes by. I would like to defend my statement with this basic fact. When you are born you are an atheist, you have no knowledge of a sky man and/or men and have no reason to. Parents indoctrinate their children in their beliefs that have no basis in science. While it's completely true that a lot of religious people are great, kind, wonderful people, religion is flawed as a whole. If people need eternal punishment to convince them to be good, then that's a problem.

  • It should be phased out for Atheism world-wide.

    Religion has caused more wars than any other. It has shoved knowledge and science away for fairy tails and idiots. Young Earth Creationists especially have held back science for 100's of years. Atheism is on the rise, but is being held back to becoming global. So, what do YOU think?

  • Any kind of faith-based institution is inherently dangerous.

    Whether that be relentless devotion to a 'great leader' or relentless and unquestioning devotion to a mythical sky god - faith is not a virtue, it's a symptom of a poorly evolved species of ape that continues to seek out patterns and the path of easiest resistance even when that path ultimately leads to destruction.

    If you want to see a sneak preview of what faith could look like in the future - I would invite you to take a look at a nuclear powered traditionally-Jewish majority Israel squaring off against a nuclear powered Muslim majority Pakistan. Both of them slaughtering each other for ancient land claims and shiny or non-shiny relics in some desert cavern - just as Palestine is doing with Israel right now.

    This is world that can't suffer fools any longer - especially as nuclear technology progresses.

  • Banana seems like a good thing

    No religion = no banana u understand? The banana is from da farmers across da whol wurld dunt ya understang man its liek a bnanananaanananananananaana n nanan a nan ananan an aa an an nnan nann nan n ana nan na na anaann na ann na an nan an aan n

  • Well, yes and no.

    In my opinion, religion has become too big a thing. People are drunk on it and, in my opinion, and the opinion of many others, God i the biggest lie ever told, and people have believed in "God" in some form or another, maybe even multiple "Gods", for centuries. Whenever someone tries to defend the existence of "God", it's always the same thing: Look at the miracles, look at the world's perfection. Is that all believers bring to the stage? I'm not saying everything science says is true, nothing can prove that either, but science and atheists do bring a lot more of an argument to the stage, more evidence, more scientifically proven fact that everyone knows is true. YOU CAN NOT DENY THAT. Religion itself does not necessarily cause the problems, it's how big it's become, how butt-hurt we get over somebody not agreeing with us that god is real, or not real. THERE ARE WARS OVER THIS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Do we really need to shoot each other over something that shouldn't be as bg as it is in the first place. Religion should stay private, stop trying to bring it back to the public, there's the YES part, keep it out of government business, this shouldn't be a debate. Believe whatever you want, but keep it in church, or at home, some place where you and other believers can keep it private, but do not force it. There's the NO part. That means If someone wants to follow whatever religion, believe in whatever deity, divine ruler, whatever, they can do it in whatever way they decide, as long as it does not harm others, or force it down people's throats, let them choose without the badgering, and saying things like "Oh, so you're atheist, I hope you eventually find the path to God." and then blabbering on about how God cares about you and other things like that. Leave atheists be! If they actually cared they would respond to stuff like that in a positive way. No, not even that, if they cared you wouldn't be having that conversation in the first place, they would follow the religion if they cared and believed. Saying such things to atheists probably angers the heck out of most of them, I know it angers me, but I keep it quiet so the conversation doesn't drag on any longer.

  • Sin is not original it is animalistic.

    Any religious leader with a PHD knows evolution is a thing, undeniably. The rest are like parents trying to lead "Tinkerbells" children to do good or even in some cases bad? Planly put religions are dictators not teachers: "IN DIABLO YOU TRUST" (to paraphrase USA's currency) but many will not hear this until, "unimaginable tacks of time..."


  • Sin is not original it's animalistic!

    Any religious leader with a PHD knows evolution is a thing, undeniably. The rest are like parents trying to lead "Tinkerbells" children to do good or even in some cases bad? Planly put religions are dictators not teachers: "IN DIABLO YOU TRUST" (to paraphrase USA's currency) but many will not hear this until, "unimaginable tacks of time..."


  • Actually enforce heathenism?

    Religion creates a moral framework that says "Look out for each other." Also, God is very real, and He would regret to send the "yes" voters to Hell.
    Or at least, Christianity does.
    All those weird cults out there are that: weird.
    That's like me holding up Josef Stalin as the ideal atheist.

  • I'm an American

    My reasoning behind being against a ban on religion is; number one, it is one more way that the government can control us, number two, people who keep their religion to themselves are not a threat to society, and number three, the constitution defends people who have strange ideas. Do we really need the government to tell us what to believe and think? I thought we already had the education system for that. It's obvious that religion is dying in the country and it's a mistake to try and force any ideology on people. We ought to let people think how they want to think because it is completely stupid for us to try and control people's opinions, you can't do it effectively. Not everyone who is religious adheres to one of the religions that has Abraham as its patriarch. Although they may be a minority this means that there are Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, and Pagans that want nothing to do with converting people. They practice their religion in peace without it interfering in their personal lives. If we want to be true to our American heritage then we need to embrace tolerance as a value because the first amendment states we can't make any law regarding what people believe. I realize the person who made this opinion poll may be what is termed a "militant atheist", but in reality he's just as obnoxious as a Bible thumper if that be the case. It doesn't matter what kind of beliefs a person has as long as they're not outright harmful to society.

  • Society Needs God Now More than Ever

    “If a person doesn’t think that there is a God to be accountable to, then what’s the point of trying to modify your behavior to keep it within acceptable ranges?”.
    -Jeffery Dahmer

    Am I saying all atheists are evil? No, I am not, all I'm saying is that without faith in God, a man has no fundamental reason to say no to evil.

    Christianity has been the driving force of peace and love in the world ever since the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and it always will be. No matter how many people try to spread the lie that God isn't real, they will never make it true, and faith in God will always prevail.

  • No, it should not

    Belief in God should continue to exist as long as humanity does; a "phasing out" of religion just for the sake of a small but vocal number of bigots is not recommendable. Spirituality and the grasping of philosophical knowledge and higher truths is one of the things which distinguishes humanity from the beasts and it allows us to be in contact with something greater than this Universe, something which we were meant for.

  • No it shouldn't

    Any country that "phases out" freedom of religion turns to a communist Nazi state, this is the first thing communist governments do when they want the people to be slaves of the state, they abolish religion, the middle east has Muslim lunatics running around, china is a communist state, there is no exception from this rule.

  • I believe in God.

    I make the conscious choice everyday to believe that there is a higher level accountability for the choices I make in my life, even when some may say it is acceptable or when no one else will know. I choose to believe that there is a loving Father, who has a constant eye on me, and is personally invested in my success, even when I feel no one else may care. I choose to believe that the family I love, and the relationships I have built, and the good memories I work hard to make in my life do not disappear at death. I choose to follow the example of Jesus Christ and try and forgive all who I feel have wronged me, though I know I will not always succeed. These choices are not the result of proof, evidence, divine revelations, or visions. They are lifestyle choices that I feel will bring me and my family the best chance for happiness. Atheists are free to believe what they choose. I should be too.

  • No it shouldn't.

    Who is a person to say that others can't believe in faith? Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions! Religion isn't the problem, it's the people who don't allow others to have their beliefs. They don't have to follow them, they can believe what ever they want, but I think it would be just profoundly dumb to "wipe out" all of religion.

  • Religion does more good than harm

    Of course some people use and misinterpret religion, but these remain a tiny minority of all religious people. Religion is still largely a force for good - churches, mosques and synagogues provide a social centre for the community, run soup kitchens, organize charity events and inspire religious people to become a paragon of goodness in their own lives. The Catholic Church is one of, if not the biggest, donator to charitable causes in the world. Finally, religion provides meaning to the lives of billions of people - if religion was phased out then it could have massive existential consequences.

  • Freedom of Religion

    Religion doesn't just cause wars and enslave people. Some people cling onto it as a beacon of hope in a world that seemingly has none. They also use it to define their morals and ideals. Without religion, the only difference is that the world would have one less thing to cling on to, and only because a group of people think it's stupid.

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Craighawley215 says2016-01-10T21:53:42.480
To suggest that there is no place for religion, or belief in the supernatural, is one of the most naive statements that a person can make.