• It should be taught as a general topic. It should be taught as theology from the philosophical and historical point of view. Not as indoctrination.

    History has been strongly infuenced by different religions. In order to understant historical processes and therefore our current state of affairs, including war in the middle east, economical theory and social sciences in general it is necessary to take into account human psychology, and in this area, the phenomenon of non-logical/non-rational thought processes including spirituality.

  • Look at the person next to you as a person not have ideas of them based on their religion.

    If we teach children about different religions from a young age then we are making them more diverse and open minded individuals rather then them having no idea as to what religion is about. If we don't educate them then they will have no idea and then with are society being more diverse and inter faith children need to be educated as they are surrounded by different religions everyday.

  • Religion should not be fed to children when they are yet to form an opinion on the matter.

    The school system has no right to decide what the kids believe or don't believe in. It is entirely an individual's decision and they should not be required to learn anything. Teaching kids religion at such a young age will eliminate their ability to have a balanced opinion on the subject. Kids in primary school are too young to realize when the information they're being fed is untrue or unjust and it is simply unfair to mind wash kids in this way.

  • Religion should be up to the family

    If a family wants to be religious then they should teach that to the kid ayat home or send them to a religioys school. If they dont want to be religious then there should be no religion in school. The only way atound this is when in history class and learning about different religions. No prayer. No pressuring people. Period. I'm a Christian but God gave us free choice for a reason

  • Feeding kids the wrong information at an young age is a big No No.

    Teaching information with no factual evidences backing them up is taking humanity backwards. If children are being taught religion at school then what dictates what religion is being taught, the teacher? I'm going to assume this argument is made under the belief that Christianity will be the religion of choice to be taught to the kids. So why not teach Satanism or Mormonism? Those are religions too.
    People have different beliefs so let's not force your beliefs on to your kids and screwing up their life and let them be properly educated first before talking to them about religion. After that whether or not your kids will believe in the religion it's up to them.

  • Don't shove religion down kids throats.

    1. When you are younger you absorb more information 2. Exposure to religions at such a young age can cause conflict in the home 3. At that age you can not form your own opinions on religion 4. It is hard for kids so young to comprehend all the information being given to them causing more confusion

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