• Look at the success of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

    Out of all the countries that have ever existed, the Islamic State is probably the most successful one. Look at their caliph, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, a person with more sophistication than Barack Obama himself. He is a living example of how including religion in politics is a benefit to a country.

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  • It's completely unconstitutional.

    People should have the right to practice whatever religion they choose or don't choose to have. However, it becomes problematic when morals of a certain religion impede on the rights of individuals and the rights of other religious beliefs. Religion should have absolutely no place in politics. Different religions promote different types of morality. Sometimes their stances are not necessarily correct or "moral". If religion were to have a place in politics, there would be a lot of room for ambiguity in regards to what religion is "morally correct". This would create intolerance of some religions and therefore would be unfair to the rights of individuals and their beliefs if they prove to be different from the "morally correct" beliefs. It's better to keep religion out of politics. It is clearly unconstitutional to allow one religion to impede on another religion.

  • Not if we want to keep our freedoms.

    When religion gets tangled up in politics, it results in violence, intolerance, and oppression. Unfortunately, even in nations like the United States that were specifically set up to be secular governments, religion is finding a way to creep in. Nothing good ever comes of it- just vilification and discrimination against minority positions.

  • There is absolutely no reason.

    All religion would do if it gained political power is promote the beliefs of an individual religious group. The Church had political power during the middle ages and renaissance, and that caused wars, inquisitions, and the discrimination of anyone who doesn't belong to that specific religious group. (In their case, Christianity.)

  • We need our own morals

    I am sick of these laws having to do with religion. If you have your religion and like to practice it, then I do not have any problem with you. However, people who want it to be forced on others who have different preferences, need to be stopped from doing so. The first amendment protects freedom of religion, so one religion forcing laws on another is actually unconstitutional.

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