• Religion teaches moral behavior.

    Religion has value in modern society, regardless of whether the God that the individual believes in truly exists. A person's religious background causes them to be more moral and upright, and do good towards others because the person believes that is how God expects him or her to react in the world.

  • Yes, religion should play a role in modern society.

    Yes, religion remains relevant for modern society. It helps to relate man to his creator and gives meaning to life. Religion provides a place to turn when all other avenues have been exhausted. Recognition of a higher being through programs such as AA and NA has helped individuals overcome addictions and other issues which have held them in captivity.

  • Yes, religion plays a role in modern society.

    Throughout all of history, human societies have developed their own religious customs and beliefs. In fact, religious belief played a core role in a society's customs and system of morals. Society still utilizes a system of spiritual and religious beliefs to address the spiritual and emotional needs of its people.

  • Religion is the source of much strife in modern society.

    Although many people find solace in religion, it is responsible for a lot of global discord. Religion is at the core of the fighting in the Middle East. It is also a source of prejudice and discrimination here in the United States. While beliefs in a higher power may be beneficial. Organized religion is a dangerous threat to the world.

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