• Religion should still be considered relevant.

    Religion should still be considered relevant. Religion is very important to most people even in today's society. Without religion most of them would not feel as connected to their spirit as they do. I think religion is calming for most people and we should not discredit it like it should not be there.

  • Yes it should

    Religion is still practiced by the vast majority of people in the world to help explain the origins of the universe as well as how things all came to be. It is still used by many people to create new policy for the world as well. It is still relevant.

  • I think that religion should still be considered relevant

    I think that religion should still be considered relevant. God hasn’t changed. The world around us is the only thing that
    has changed. The world has become far
    more evil than it was a few centuries ago.
    But the word of God is eternal and it will always be relevant.

  • Religion should still be considered relevant.

    Although atheism is becoming more popular, it is clear that religion is still relevant and it is not going to disappear any time soon. The rise of terrorism is based in fundamentalist religions, and many conservative parties also consider themselves religious. Faith remains an important part of life for many people.

  • Yes, of course it should

    The majority of people still identify with religious affiliations, so it does not make sense to say that it is irrelevant. Just because the media is full of a bunch of leftists who think it is irrelevant doesn't mean it is. What you hear from the media is not representative of the population as a whole.

  • Religion is too prevalent to be considered irrelevant.

    Religion is a driving force and strong influence in nearly every society. It shapes policy, it incites conflicts, it inspires works of art and it determines behavior in many individuals. What religion lacks in logical foundation, it makes up for with its sheer pervasiveness. Religion, therefore, is relevant not only on an individual basis, but as a force in society and politics.

  • Yes Religion is Relevant

    Religion should always be considered relevant no matter how many theories are disproved by science. Anything that a person holds dear to their heart should always be considered relevant and important. Religion has many followers in many aspects. The basic rule of religion is that you believe in a power that is higher than yourself. Religion also stops pandemonium during a crisis, in my opinion.

  • Yes, religion should still be considered relevant.

    While scientifically I believe that religion is outdated and does not hold all the facts, there are aspects of religion which are very much helpful to people.

    Religion acts as a great community for some people, helping them through tough times and being a support group. There is a lot of good done by churches across the nation, and this is very helpful for communities.

    Religion is relevant for this reason, it can still help to improve the lives of some. Work needs to be done, of course, to improve its stance of certain scientific theories and arguments, though I believe this will come in due time.

  • I don't think its necessary.

    Many people in the world do not use religion. People use religion as a comfort and there is nothing wrong with that, but it should be something that isn't flaunted about everywhere. I believe one's religion is as relevant as whether or not one believes in Bigfoot.
    It is to never be involved our politics, as it would force characteristics of religion onto all, including those who aren't religious. Religious freedom is important to the US.

  • Not on anything more than a personal level.

    Ideally, people could keep their religions to themselves, personally, and not attempt to force them on others. All other matters (government, marriage, etc.) should be kept entirely separate from people's religious beliefs. Even though I am not part of any religion, I believe people should be allowed to practice their own religion, but not to use it as a tool/ excuse to be prejudiced toward any group, or else to hold any superiority over others.
    For want of better words: can't we all just get along?

  • I don't think religion is relevance in this day and age.

    Religion isn't relevant today because most of the stuff in the bible are now proven scientifically, like how god created the earth were really it was the big bang, the the bible also says that good loves all but then it says that you can not support gays and stuff.

  • Not in government.

    People have the right to believe what they want, but religion and superstition should not be relevant in cases that affect the lives of someone who does not believe in or practice it. When it is being used as a crutch in order to dictate the lives of people it goes from harmless to dangerous. It should be considered irrelevant in respect to any laws.

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