• Yes, it should be accepted

    Homosexuality isn't something you get to choose, so why is religion against it? It's not something you can help... Kids are taught from a young age that the "normal" is supposed to be a man and a woman, even in religion, that's why when they see something that challenges what's normal, they make fun of it... Causing all the bullying. From that point of view, you could say that religion contributes to the bullying too.

  • Yes ofcourse !!!

    How could people be the judge of wether or not god loves you or hate you. People commit greater sins then just liking or having relations with the same sex. God loves all his children. God only judge you and not other people. Also god is very forgiving too. But theres no lines in the bible that states "NO HUMAN BEING IS NOT ALLOW TO HAVE RELATIONS WITH THE SAME SEX" its like saying dont say gods name in vein and many people do it but they believe in god its not like they hate god so thats why they say it. Everyone shouldn't be judge based on who they like.

  • It's simple really.

    I hear on the opposing arguments that you shouldn't force others to conform together and that you shouldn't be forced to do something that you don't want to. However, this is a double standard, because anyone who doesn't allow homosexual marriage is forcing their beliefs onto others and not allowing them to act how they want to. Their personal belief is infringing on the rights of LGBT to live how they want.

  • Yes, religion should accept homosexuality.

    We were taught not to judge, that the only one able to judge was God. Well, last time I looked, I am not God, and neither is religion. God made man in his own image. So what is Gods image? Is he man? Is he woman? I think it is a shame that so many religions shun those whom are homosexual. They are people, and if they are doing something wrong, they will take it up with the big man upstairs.

  • Equality is humanity.

    Being a homosexual is in the human nature. I can't seem to find any possible argument as to why homosexuals should not be allowed to be a part of society as heterosexuals. There is no shame in seeing a human being of same gender in a sexual way. I do not believe that homosexuals are a different minority or a sin. Homosexuality should be respected, just like any other sexual orientation.

  • Homosexual people are the same as us and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Homosexual people are the same as us and they shouldn't be treated any different. All they are asking is to be treated the same and not judged by anyone and that is exactly what some religious people are doing.Everyone hates it when they are judged or bullied by anyone about something that they do, or how they are.And if religious people are so against being mean to others then why are you being rude to the homosexual community for how they are? And why do some try to change it? They are who they are and it is not specifically said in the bible that it is wrong to have a relationship with the same sex too.They should get the same treatment as everyone else because they are no different from us.

  • Saaaah my dudes

    MY DUDES, there are over 1500 different species of homosexual animals. It isn't directly against human nature. People are people, religion doesn't have to affect relationships between others, even if they are "Sinful". This argument is pointless, you don't have to accept people into your religion, just know that they made their choice and that they are happy....Have a doink

  • Of course it should.

    Homosexuality isn't a choice at all, nobody chooses their sexual orientation, being gay is just as normal as being straight, people have got to stop to be so intolerant, we're in 2016, hating LGBT people isn't cool anymore, gay marriage is already legal in many countries around the whole, including mine(Brazil) and probably the most influential country in the world(USA).

  • People are homosexual and that's there decision as its there life

    I was asked this for my religious studies homework and was really shocked at what people had to say about this statement, correct me if I'm wrong but we were born to live our lives how we choose so if you want to date a women or a man who is either the same gender as you or not, than thats there decision so being judged for something they have chosen confuses me. I understand that if you believe in God then you don't want to go behind his back by not supporting him in his veiws but not letting people live there lives gay or not, discusses me. God is supposed to love all his people so saying that someone who is gay can't be part of that religion anymore is putting you in the wrong, wouldn't God want to accept anyone into his life?

  • Yes and no

    I'm torn by the subject. I don't think religion itself needs to accept homosexuality if the Bible or whatever you read says its wrong then to your religion its wrong but I do think that RELIGIOUS people should accept it, in fact all people should accept it. Just because the word says that it is a 'sin' does not mean that you cannot accept the person and how they live their life style. Let's be real here, the only person that is allowed to tell someone that they are going to Heaven or Hell is God. It is not a sin to be nice to a homosexual, it is not a sin to accept them for the way that they are, and it is not a sin to love them for who they are but it IS a sin to judge them, for the only judge that lives is God and for you to judge them in any way you are taking God's job that he specifically told you not to do. Before you want to judge homosexuals for their 'sin' of loving the same sex, how about you think about yourself? How many times have you said "Oh my God" today? That itself is a sin and their should be no reason that you shouldn't be sent directly to hell for it, Jesus said "He who is without sin cast the first stone" no one can 'cast any stones' because all of us have sinned, all of us have done something bad. All sins weigh the same in God's eyes. If God was the judge in a court room and someone who told a little white a lie and someone who committed a murder where on the stand both of them would be sent to hell because both of them are sins. Also, not everyone in America believes in God or the Bible or any type of religion so really you cant even throw bible verses at them because they do not believe so it wont concern them so half of them are not going to care or listen to anything you have to say and the other half will get upset that your throwing a "fiction book" in their face. Just because your religion may not like it doesn't mean you should not like them, 'God hates sin, but loves the sinner' God loves you just as much as he loves a homosexual, so you should love them too.

  • Yes. They should.

    You can't choose to be straight or homosexual. Your just born with so why would religion be against it? God made you this way so its not your fault and you can't help it. Also, people commit greater sins than being in a relationship with the same sex. God loves everyone and is very forgiving. And people should just accept homosexuality because God is the only one who decides who's going to Heaven or Hell. Its not a sin to be nice to a homosexual or to love them as they are, but it is a sin to judge. Its not your concern. If you believe in God, then let God be the judge.

  • Homosexuality is AGAINST Human nature

    Nature intends for man to procreate, and you can't procreate if you are Homosexual. And someone said it doesn't say so in the bible, actually it does, it says Man shall not lay with man,. If a man lay with a man as he does with a woman let him be stone to death for it is an abomination.

  • Most certainly not!

    Many religions say homosexuality is sinful, so why should they accept it? It just doesn't make sense whatsoever. Someone on the "yes" side said this: "Think of why (besides the bible) that homosexuality is so wrong."
    Come on, this person must be an idiot. The Bible is the codex for everything ever, the best selling book of ALL TIME. GODS WRITTEN WORD.

  • People get riled up for no reason.

    Nobody said that religion should step on your toes for being gay. Religion itself cannot accept homosexuality, simply because it's a sin. Before you start your usual anti-Christian ramblings, saying that something is a sin is not promoting hate speech. There are a lot of things that are sinful, such as pornography, lust, pride, etc. The Christian view is collectively against pornography and is more united on this issue than it is on homosexuality, but I don't see any pornography user saying he feels discriminated against and/or fearing for his life.

    Homosexuality is easy to pick on, but it's not the real issue. The issue is the case of sexual immorality, which, according to Christian views, is any kind of sexual activity that happens outside of wedlock between a man and a woman. Since saying "but I have gay friends, so I don't hate gays" is so cliche nowadays, I'll say something different: Most of the people I know have had sex out of wedlock, and they're still my friends/acquaintances/whatever, some of which are also Christians, and I don't at all condemn them for it. I'm sure that's easier to digest.

    To summarize, persecuting gays or forbidding them from doing what they please is not our business, nor it is to ostracize them in any way. People should stop being so picky on this subject. Yes, we think homosexuality is a sin. And that's all. Deal with it. If you are gay and this makes you feel insulted, then you have some issues with yourself and not religion. Just as you have accepted that we are religious lunatics, accept the fact that we think of homosexuality as a sin, have a group hug and move on.

  • It is a philosophical belief.

    If religion is a philosophical belief why should someone be able to change it? I admit that religion may have antiquated systems and not everything is fully and truly morally just; however, why should the LGBT community force their ideas into something that unequivocally doesn't support them? It is akin to forcing your ideas of the military onto someone. If a religious organization doesn't support the LGBT community then stop supporting it.

  • For christian public

    So i have heard that opponents say that in the bible it does not state that homosexuality is a sing. They are wrong in fact, leviticus 20:13 , it states that homosexuality is a sin and that both parties in said affair shall be executed. Even then so my arguments stands that you shouldnt force it on religions, but still treat homosexuals fairly and do not judge them for their sexual preference but for the ideals and morals that they stand for.

  • They should not

    I do not think that religions should accept homosexuality. Not because I feel negatively toward homosexuals (which I do not), but because a religion is free to do what they want and to believe in what they want. They should not be surprised or whine when their congregation deserts them though.

  • Religion in general...?

    If you are referring to religion in general, then that is not completely fair. Some religions might completely accept homosexuality with open arms. In contrast, with religions such as Christianity, homosexuality is taught as a sin. Therefore, an acceptance of homosexuality in the Christian religion would be sinful and wrong in the eyes of the church.

    So to summarize my answer:
    You need to specify the term "Religion".

  • Religions do not need to be coerced into conforming to another view.

    The right to express your religion how you see fit is a fundamental tenet of being free. Forcing religions to accept homosexuality goes against this freedom. Religions need time to grow and learn to accept gays in their own time, but the change needs to happen from within and not from an external force. Religions are always growing and changing, and what may be wrong today can be right tomorrow.

  • I don't hate anyone, even if I disagree with their views.

    I have been a saved Christian for many years now and the main complaint that I have as far as homosexuality goes, is the fact that it's being forced upon us to accept it on a personal level. Movies, television, video games, news and any and all other media forms that it can be shoved in our faces with. For example, to take a classic movie like Beauty and the Beast and add a homosexual subplot just for acceptance purposes is ridiculous. If the LGBTQ community wants a version that fits their way of life for whatever movie or form of media then let them make it. I don't pay money to go to a movie and see that forced upon me. I couldn't even take my kids to it because I don't want them seeing that stuff. As a heterosexual Christian male, If I could prevent my kids for being gay I will. But I don't force it on anyone. I love everyone the same, I don't hate anybody, and I just live my life. Don't force your life into mine.

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