Should religions be allowed to require its followers to be celibate?

Asked by: BblackkBbirdd
  • You choose to join a religion.

    If you choose to join a religion that requires you to be celibate, then you are choosing to be celibate. They are not forcing you to do anything. If you don't want to choose to join a religion that says you can't have sex, then leave that church and find one that says you can.

  • I'm pretty sure a religion can do whatever the hell it wants.

    That's kinda what makes it a religion. I personally don't think that anyone should be celibate for any reason other than age or circumstance, but the fact that the question asks if a religion should be allowed to do it makes it obvious that the answer is yes, religions can do things however they want, they will just be liked less/more depending on what they do.

  • No they shouldnt

    Christians actually believe that sex is bad while the results of it (babies) are good and intended by god. They say every child is made the way that they are for a reason by god and they wouldnt be the way that they are if it werent for their parents having sex with multiple partners. So thats a contradiction. If the results of something are good then the act isnt bad its good. If it has bad results its bad.

  • It Has Never Been A Requirement In Scripture:

    There is no scriptural requirement for celibacy:
    Forced celibacy can only create psychotic individuals and likely lose followers who see no reason for the ruling.
    The Catholic church has a hierarchy of extremely weird individuals who have no knowledge of life experiences, due to their celibacy.
    Yet they stupidly give rulings on sexuality and marriage, when they have no idea of such relationships from any experiential viewpoint.
    So celibacy only creates decrepit Morons.

  • No, then the religion will often attract weird people and child molesters

    It is normal for people to want to have sex. Imposing this on people is not a decision that someone should make for someone else. If someone wants to be celibate for their own reasons that is fine, but it is not a decision an employer. This causes people to be shamed and criticized for no other reason than being a normal human.

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