• Religions cannot do

    That they would prefer to believe in the garbage as dictated by Bronze Age goatherds in there bible , if religion fully embraced science the game is up for them they cannot continue to fleece the flock. Any way the study of science engages the mind in studying and proving certain principles religion is a suspension of these natural states of inquiry in favour of blind faith.

  • Yes, religions should be more accepting of science.

    Religion should be accepting of science because it is proven facts, whereas, God can NOT be proven. I'm not saying there isnt a God, but we simply accept that there is. Science is a proven act. There is proof of dinosaurs, and men on the earth billions of years before Christ. Three is also proof of evolution. Without science, we would not have electricity or telephones, objects that people of religion use.

  • The evidence of science should not be ignored

    Where would the world be if the church had not resisted the idea of a heliocentric galaxy (Sun-centered rather than Earth-centered)? What about the numbers zero being evil? We have probably missed out on a decently sized group of ideas and advancements because religion has prevented society from embracing science.

  • Yes, Science Explains What Is Really Real

    Of course religions need to be more accepting of science. Everyone should be more accepting of science. Science explains how the world is and how the world works. Science is real and the scientific method works in formulating the best theories about the universe. Not accepting science is just stubbornly ignorant.

  • I am a Christian and I believe we should be more accepting of science.

    In the Bible, their is a story of when we believed the solar system revolved around Earth. One man said "No, that can't be true, the solar system has to revolve around the Sun".
    Nobody believed him and were angry at the thought of it. That's because the Bible said that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
    Turns out they were both right, and how do we know that's not true with other theories.
    The big bang theory, for example. Who's to say that big bang wasn't the part where God said "Let there be light."?
    Scientists, after all, aren't claiming everything happened within two seconds. Things could've been created in those seven days.

  • It depends solely on what kind of science we are talking about. religion should only accept applied sciences like aerodynamics etc.

    Many other forms of Science have not been proven but yet they are grossly asserted. Scientists claim to find things supporting a certain theory but sometimes it is the data that they have manipulated to fit a disposition or belief n that theory. They are just searching for ammunition against religion and because of there degrees and credentials the average religious person has no chance of challenging them.

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