Should religions other than Christianity be involved in U.S. politics?

  • Whether it's right or wrong to build all political decisions on relilgion it's fundemental to what the human species is.

    It’s not really just about blowing up a building, that’s just the end result of some conflicts. But even the terrorist claim to 'do it in the name of their religion' and there is a reason for that, a reason why that’s even possible and a reason why you can’t deny the truth in this 'claim', regardless.

    Politics and religion go hand in hand in 'those parts of the world'. Religion heavily influences politics there, that’s an indisputable fact. Another fact is that people’s lives are to a much higher degree formed by the values of their religion than in the developed world, values that the governments (which are heavily influences by religion) teach their people (much like herding sheep) to control them.

    In the end the differences that people fight over (even internally among the same people) and the cause of the numerous conflicts, big or small, has their roots in religion, that’s where everything originated. This is where the (to us) deranged view on morale and ethics has its roots (and also where (to others) westerners have deviations), because it’s underdeveloped and hasn’t changed since the dawn of time. The religious aspects of a conflict doesn’t always stand out, but deep down it’s the primary reason why such a conflict originate.

    The guidelines and culture of a specific people is heavily tied to the religion in that part of the world, it’s always been that way. Cultural differences are more based on religious views and the guidelines is has taught people for generations than anything else. This is how many conflicts start, especially because some religions have failed to renew themselves, their values and guidelines up to modern day standard.

    It’s absolutely clueless to deny the heavy influence from religion in every aspect of society, even in the western world, difference is we have modified the views accordingly to the development of our species, where in other parts the values and standard are unchangeable and are the same as 2000 years ago.

  • All Religions Can Get Involved

    Any religion can get involved in U.S. politics, and they have. Yes, we have separation of church and state, but that precept is often misinterpreted. The original intent of separation of church and state was that the government could not declare which religion citizens of this country would follow. It was also part of the original intent that the church watch over the state and see to it that those who govern are honest and governing with the best interests of the citizens in mind.

  • Church and State?

    Those should be separate, no religion in any politics. The founding fathers even spoke greatly about making sure that no religion was in our political system. A nation born for freedom of religion, practice what you want but don't bring it to my home. All in all, why would religion even be needed for politics.

  • United we stand, divided we fall

    It is impossible To be united under multiple religions. I believe in freedom of religion for the people, But a government unequally yoked will lead us nowhere. We are a nation under God. One God. Not many gods. A nation divided cannot and will not stand. To forsake the covering safety of our God, The Most High, will be the death of us.

  • Politics Should Be Secular

    Christianity shouldn't be involved in U.S. politics, and neither should any other. The political process must be without the bias of any given religion, so that it can apply equally across all religious and non-religious groups. Involving any religion directly in politics means that the government will be biased in regards to that religion.

  • No Religion Should be Anywhere in Politics

    I honestly believe that no religions should get involved in U.S. politics. Seriously, what does 'separation of Church and State' mean to you? The last thing our country needs is for religion to get involved in government. When you think about it, Christianity, and religions other than Christianity, should not get involved in politics.

  • No, I do not believe religions other than Christianity should be involved in U.S. politics.

    And truthfully, neither should Christianity, either. Our government was created with the idea of separation of Church and State, and to this day it has had trouble following that. There are some people who even vote for their elected officials based on their practicing religion, which I think is wrong. The only way you should run a government, as an official or as a voter, should be an unbiased and dispassionate view towards the needs of the people being governed, not for one's own interest.

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