Should religious beliefs override government laws?

  • God is the law

    God is God and that is that! People are not smart enough to make rules For over a million people! Us as humans are not smart enough, but God is! We need a ruler who can never do wrong, there is no such thing as a human who is like that, but God is. He is perfect. The rules of man are stupid in the eyes of God, but God says we must obey them. For Pete sake, I'm only 12 and I understand that! People need to know that God is Lord of All and that is that!

  • Look at us

    I mean we are falling into decline we need god back in our life's Obama is tearing us apart as a nation Oklahoma just became a sovrieng state. We need to break away from the government they are just controlling us. I mean they have stricter laws on guns. Virtually taking away our right to bear arms. Which wasn't the amendments to make sure they don't have too much power. If you look around right now we are socialists Obama has turned us into wha we were fighting in ww1 and 2. I mean he's helping Syria providing them with money to kill their own people. We are spying on othe country's and Obama is denying it all. Just take a look supposedly the unemployment is under 8% which is unlikely more people are on welfare and food stamps than should be. Oh and by the way a 15 year old which is what I am could run this county better than any one of you could.

  • God rules over man

    When a government asks you to do something that God has told you not to do...that is when you obey God! Men are not perfect, God is. God never makes a stupid law, never makes one that needs to be improved. He made man, he is over man...not man over God.
    God rules!

  • No, religion has no place in the government.

    Religion has no place in our government. This country was founded on principles that allow us a freedom to choose whatever religion we want to believe in. Since the government rules over all of the people in the country, they should not have a bias towards one religion or another. The religious beliefs of one group should not be imposed upon the religious beliefs of another group.

  • No, laws must be the primary rule of a democracy

    I don't feel that religious beliefs should override government laws in any situation. As long as citizens' civil rights and freedom to worship any religion they choose is in tact, the primary rules of a democracy should rest with laws. It would have to be a rare and extreme case to consider overriding government laws regarding religious beliefs.

  • Separation of Church and State

    If someone has a conflict with doing their job in the Public Sector because of their personal religious beliefs, they should rethink whether they are in the right profession. People who say that "God's law" overrides everything are living in a theological fantasy land, especially in a country that has freedom of religion.

  • In today's society...

    The government does what is sometimes right. In health wise, the government should override some beliefs. Such as a person who doesn't want to give their children a vaccine to due to....Idk whatever something. But if the child is not receiving the right medical care. In some cases, going to holy man with prayer is okay but if they need medial attention its common sense

  • Government Should be Secular

    A government's laws should be as secular as possible so as to truly be a government for the people. In the United States, that means a First Amendment right to have freedom of religion, but also freedom from religion within the government. If religious beliefs from any system trump government laws, then we have a theocracy and not a republic. Once a theocracy ensues, an entirely different set of norms is in place and millions of people will become second-class citizens in whatever country they reside.

  • Absolutely not

    Should it? No. Does it? Yes. Will that change? Unlikely. The separation of church and state never has and never will fully work. The main thing it seems to accomplish is it keeps the churches from paying taxes. But it doesnt keep them from pushing for new laws to protect their views even though the Johnson Amendment of 1954 made it illegal for tax exempt churches to financially back any candidate it still happens..

  • Separation of Church and State

    The government laws must be kept separate from religious beliefs. This is the founding principle of every functional democracy and for good reason; people have very different opinions about what is "right" in the religious arena, and this should not influence what is believed to be sound government. People should be entitled to believe in and practice whatever religion they want, but this should not influence public policy.

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