Should RELIGIOUS Christmas featuring Christ and COMMERCIAL Christmas featuring Santa be considered separate holidays

Asked by: 2cents4change
  • Mentally or Socially hindered would be better.

    My 11 yr son is a high functioning autistic. He has a high IQ but has very poor social, communication skills though he is slowly learning and would be at the age of a three year old in some respects and a 5-8 year old in others. A disability implies that no matter what, that person will always have the same level of debilitating condition for the rest of their lives. In PHYSICAL and some mental diagnosis I say it can be called a disability if there is no proven treatment, surgery, and or drug that will cure or rehabilitate said person back to their standard of living before diagnosis or bring them to the accepted level of average intellectual and social standards afforded to someone of the same gender, race, age, and national social value.

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