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  • Freedom of religion

    America supports freedom of religion, So as long as they don't hurt anyone their religion should be tolerated. If they do hurt people it should not be tolerated. I'm not really sure what religious extremism is but as long as their religion does not hurt anyone it should be allowed

  • I was raised in a Christian family, so when I decided to break off and not be apart of any religion...

    My mom dragged me to church, and everyone always kept saying that the religion was right and listing their "reasons". Mom said she would accept me no matter what, but no. She kept trying to push, and push, doing things she hoped would change my mind. Me having to go to church was one of them, everyone was confused about my behavior, she thought eventually I would break but I'm not an idiot. At this point in time I realized that things like this were wrong, and that trying to convert someone was wrong too, I have a horrible vision of the future, after a religious world war where the human race has basically anialated itself over something that nobody knew if it existed or not and the "winners" will think they will be rewarded but will have exaughsted their resources and most likely die. If we keep going the way we are now, a religious war will happen. Because a kind of war is already happening, the mission trips, it's like conquering people instead of continents and countries. So yeah, eventualy religious extremism will lead to the extinction of the human race when we all kill each other, years before the asteroid or whatever can.

  • No, religious extremism should be fought against.

    I definitely think that religious extremism should be fought against. There are cases where religions go from preaching a set of principles and beliefs, to where they are just preaching about hate and violence. That is why I think people should fight against cases where extremism is being taught to the followers.

  • Religious Extremism is Intolerable

    Religious extremists have minority viewpoints. I respect that. However, while I have to be tolerant of their right to have that viewpoint, I believe that we should do all we can as a society to fight against their attempts to push this world view on others. We all have the right to our own viewpoints, not the right to force them on others.

  • No, religious extremism should not be tolerated and respected and should be faught against.

    The time for tolerance for religious extremism has ended. Human rights for minority groups have suffered greatly under religious extremism. People have been seriously harmed by extremism, both physically and mentally. It is important to push and fight extremism from the religous because their beliefs are a threat to freedom everywhere. Religion does not work under democracy, only under authoritarian rule.

  • Religious extremism should not be tolerated!

    In my opinion, Religious extremism should not be tolerated by any means. People of religions like the so called "Religion of peace" Islam, have been killing people almost every. Killing people should never be a reason for religion. If God wants a person to commit a horrible act such as murder, then God should not be followed.

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