• Intolerance should be accepted...

    But not institutionalized. I am hilariously anti-paganism and Islamophobic, but I don't force them on other people, unless they ask. Ideas are bulletproof, or so the man in room 5 tells me, so I just let them believe what they want. They're dead wrong, but I won't call them on it unless they go after me first.

  • I believe people should not hate religion or the religious.

    Why are people so hateful. On the Web I've seen so much (mostly) atheist people shaming people for their beliefs. If somebody chooses to raise their family atheist and tell their kids, 'Theirs no God! It's all bull**** then why not a Christian, 'God's watching over us. I'm sure.'? Why call us idiots? Some people want religion wiped out, and I'm offended by that. Why would you? 'Religion' doesn't kill people, people kill people. See the people in the movies? The guns are never in jail, are they? The criminals are. THEY killed the person. Many religious people aren't rude or arrogant, they are just you nice neighbour. Should anti-religious stuff be allowed? It's YOUR opinion!

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steffon66 says2015-09-04T11:41:42.110
I cant answer yes or no here. If its and objective conclusion you have then yes you should be able to be intolerant. If its subjective then yours is no better than anyone elses so its hypocritical. We are all intolerant when it comes to some things like Muslims thinking its good to kill children and women and stuff. If we accepted everybodies views then we would have to kill ourselves come back to be killed by someone else and then come back for a reward and we cant do that all. We could simplify and objectify morality by three little words which are i dont know. The best we can do is try to be fair but no one wants to do that

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