Should religious studies be a mandatory class in school?

Asked by: Madeline1698
  • I believe having a "worlds religion" class would be a good thing.

    I would love to see children in school learning more about different cultures. I believe that children need to be educated more than they are already on different religions of the world. I don't know if it should be mandatory but I do believe that it is a really great idea. I would definitely advocate for a "worlds religion" class.

  • Yes, It Should

    Religion has had a huge impact on human history. Regardless of whether or not you believe in any kind of deity this much cannot be denied. It is a very important part of our history, and the advanced theological and philosophical concepts of religion make for an intellectual feast. It should definitely be studied, regardless of its validity.

  • Im gona say yes and it should be non faith based.

    They should teach about all the horrible things that religion has caused and how it slows moral progress. Religions teaches precepts and then tells us we know right from wrong. The only problem is that they are horrible precepts and there are better ones out there but people wont accept those better morals because they think they already know right from wrong. That is how it slows progress. Because of religion it takes several generations to make changes and some things like racism cannot be completely removed from everybodies moral views. Fyg

  • Hoping for a more worldly generation.

    American's are known worldwide as being relatively ignorant. I feel that this is because we don't learn about our neighbors in school. Children should be exposed to what's out there so that it doesn't come as a surprise to them when someone doesn't believe the same thing that they believe. I feel that Anthropology and wold religions should be a portion of a studant corriculum because it has more real world applications than one would realize.

    Now if this post was intended to strike the subject of teaching the bible instead of science, then that shouldn't be. When you void an argument and prevent someone from determining for themselves what the truth is, you are basically brain washing them. This is not ethical at all.

  • Yes it should

    It is sn esential topic in schools and should be mandotory world wide. More pepole need to be tough about it expecialy with a rising number of diffrent of religions and misconseptions. The world is curently in the state of blaming all Mwslims for isisi when it is not them it is a small group of pepole

  • Yea yasin likes it

    You can learn alot from re it teaches you about diffrent reliqions and other cultures it keeps you away from being racist and/or becoming a terrorist. Yasin likes re he is a muslim he is bangladeshi and loves arabian fish lolololo he is a fishmonger he works at kalam soliciters with his dad

  • No it shouldn't

    I think R.E should be the same as all of the other subjects. You are exposed to the subject for your first and second year, but when you get your choice of subjects, you should be able to choose wether or not you want to study such a subject.
    Despite being given the choice to study national level R.E, you will be taught core as well. I dont think that this should be the case. I personally have a friend group of mixed races, but i dont need to know about their religion to know what kind of person they really are.

  • No, not defined well.

    By saying "Should religious studies be a mandatory class in school" what religion where you speaking of. This alone would be a not just a no, but a Hell NO!.

    Now if you meant to teach cultural awareness of other religions then that would be a yes. This would help other learn not to be so judgmental on other cultures. And to understand them better and give proper respect where needed.

  • Human extinction future

    Because humanity is curious and forcing children towards religious studies will make them self contained never wanting to discover anything new and then one day humanity will be wiped out. Nobody wants to die but religious studies tell us to be blindfolded, In Bible a man was punished as he wanted to reach God So Bible is clearly telling us to remain blindfolded.

  • No but it should get studied more in history class

    Not a stand-alone religious class because people should still have a right to opt-out and do something else but a more detailed look at religions via history class should happen. Pew research found that a lot of religious people did not know that much about general religious knowledge. Many religious groups had very limited knowledge of other religions.

    There are people that do not like religion of course but it is something that billions of people around the world follow and has been around for centuries and so it should get covered and probably covered in more detail.

  • The word "Mandatory" made this a hard NO

    Teaching religion as a mandatory subject in a public school violates the separation of church and state. If you want to learn about religion there are many avenues to pursue including your local church.
    If presented as mythology and made into a voluntary subject then by all means yes. Send your child to whatever private school that fits your ideology but if your kid goes to a state funded school then you are out of luck.

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