Should religious symbols be allowed in public places?

  • Banning religious symbols is banning freedom.

    AMERICA IS A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY for those of you who don't understand a thing. If the you ban religious symbols in public you are "prohibiting the free exercise thereof"! If you want a place where there are no Christians get a life in Europe! For some, their goal is not equality of religions but the removal of Christianity from the face of the earth. America needs to rise, and become what it once was.

  • What is wrong with the world?

    Why do people care whether someone is wearing a turban or a cross? There's nothing wrong with that. And for people saying it eliminates racism and all that garbage, racism occurs even by the colour of your skin.

    In today's society, there are much bigger issues to worry about, and people are literally focusing on banning religious symbols? Don't they have anything better to do? Seriously what has our world turned into.

  • You'd have to be insane to say no to this

    That means no Christmas Trees, no Easter Bunny, no dreidels or menorahs, no crosses. The symbols don't hurt anybody, regardless of how much politicians think they do. Religious freedom is one of the main basses that this country was founded on. Being able to come here and be publicly Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, etc. is one of the biggest freedoms in America. People who argue "Separation of Church and State" clearly either don't understand the question, or don't understand what separates church from state. The STATE (meaning the government) should not use the CHURCH (meaning religion) to justify any actions. Laws can be passed that line up with certain religions, but the reasoning cannot solely be "Well this is what God wants, so this is what we have to do". If anything, outlawing public religious symbols would only conflict the state with the church.

  • Why not?

    Why is a cross, a Maguen HaDavid, or a head scarf a problem in society? As long as the scarf is not a burqa, this does not disturb me. Beside a jewellery never annoyed anyone before. I often see non believers wearing earrings in the shape of cross.
    Without this I feel naked as I was rejecting J'esus in public. I don't force my beliefs on anyone, therefore no atheists or other believers from different faiths should force their non beliefs or different beliefs on me. I have the right to my own belief and religion.

    Posted by: Ora
  • Why SHOULDN'T they de allowed?

    Wearing your religious symbol is like wearing your identity, you can't take someone's identity from them, it's who they are. This is a free world, no one made rules for this world so we should be able to wear what we want, we have a right to wear our religious symbol if we want.

  • I agree on symbols!

    I agree, this is a school topic and learning more about it has really shown me that if people are offended, why? I see you muslims can wear clothing, if someone perhaps wants to wear a cross necklace or buddgist don't stop them, they should have the same rights as anyone else!

  • Yes they should be if it is a free country

    If Canada is a free country for all the other people with the dirty and bad things, then why is it not free for us to wear crosses as Christians. It is not fair that other people have the right to do what they want and others don't get the right.

  • If people think there is a problem with religious symbols we have a serious problem occurring in this world

    We have religious freedom...Right??? Then why can we not promote it? Why is it so hard for people to grasp the fact that some people love there religion. Yes, some don't, but does that mean we will condemn them for not being into their faith? If they don't like the idea, why go around saying, your wrong! Because in all reality what is religious symbols going to hurt anybody?

  • Why should we care?

    What is the big deal about people wearing religious symbols. I'm not religious myself, but I don't have a problem with religious symbols. I get fed up with people constantly trying to dictate to people what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in case it offends somebody. Fed up with this tippy toeing that is going on in the world.

  • It's a sign of spirituality.

    Spirituality is something different from religion and I think most of us will not argue that the world will be better if the people are religious, or have some belief in the Divine than a world full of insane people doing nothing good but all evil. The concept of spirituality is the main concept that human beings should always bear in mind if we want the planet to have peace and real happiness.

  • Religion = fairy tails

    We should not allow the wearing of any religious symbols in public. Religion teaches our children magical thinking. It tells them that they can just wish (pray) their problems away. It is time we take a stance on this subject and make it clear that religious superstition is not equal to, but in fact is less valid then the evidence of science and logic.

  • The Constitution doesn't even allow it

    If you read the first amendment of the constitution, it says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Just to clarify what this means, it means that the government cannot impose a religion on its citizens and is meant to separate the church from the government. Citizens can post religions symbols all they want, as long as it is on PRIVATE property. It is also unconstitutional to be posting "In God we trust" on our currency and having "under God" in our pledge of allegiance. The only reason why it remains there is because most of the government is run by Christians.

  • Who actually cares?

    Why should all of this matter? Just worship on your own time. The idea about "If you don't like it, go somewhere else" is completely asinine. I respect everyone of all religions, but all this drama needs to stop. Keep the separation between church and state. Seriously. Inevitably, religions would be left out if we had to put up religious symbols everywhere. If we had to put up only ONE symbol for every single religion so no one would be left out, we'd have no room for anything else.

  • No religion please!

    We are not a religious state.. Period! And I feel uncomfortable when it's pushed in front of me by government employees.. It's wrong, this is Canada, not Isreal, Italy, Iran, etc. Those are country's that clearly say religeous states! Please let's stop this and integrate together! We need to all stop pushing our faiths down each others throats, and crying injustice when we have to be equal...

  • Separation of church and state

    There are many reasons why religious symbols should not be allowed in public places. First is the separation of church and state, which the Founding Fathers intended the country to be based upon. Second is that religion should not ever be subjected to anyone; they should make the choice for themselves. Third is that religious symbols are offensive to many non-religious people and would only cause division. Practice religion in churches and in your homes, but don't bring it into public areas.

  • How about non-religious symbols, or...

    And what happens with voodoo, satanism, paganism or even the spaghetti monster? This is the second year we allow a fall ritual to happen in our garden. Would a lamb sacrifice be allowed by our board too? How about Christmas, El día de los muertos, "las cruces de mayo" or Halloween?

  • Only small symbols allowed

    History has proven that wearing Obvious religious attire caused more harm than good.
    I certainly don't want a total ban of religion, but only small religious objects, like a pin for example, should be allowed.
    No robes, hats, headscarves, etc.
    Obvious religious clothes should only be allowed in private places.

  • Only small symbols allowed

    History has proven that wearing Obvious religious attire caused more harm than good.
    I certainly don't want a total ban of religion, but only small religious objects, like a pin for example, should be allowed.
    No robes, hats, headscarves, etc.
    Obvious religious clothes should only be allowed in private places.

  • Conspicuous display of religious symbols have no place in a secular society. Keep them in your homes, or under your clothes, etc.

    Broadcasting your opinion all over the place is often annoying to other people, but its a part of free speech. But religious symbols take it further and cross the free speech boundary. The reason is that religion is not about opinion, or fact, but about faith. It is therefore non-debatable. They are right, and you are wrong. Conspicuous religious symbols and dress imply this, and therefore should not fall under the domain of free speech and be permitted in public places.

  • It can be dangerous

    It's too dangerous because people can be targeted and discriminated against for wearing specific religious symbols. They can be verbally or physically abused and in this modern day I just think it's better off not to broadcast your faith, even though you may be proud of it. Fair enough embrace your private home with all the symbols you desire, just don't do it in public.

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